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406J industrial code nail -- a new concept of building the construction industry
- Dec 15, 2017 -

406J industrial code nail -- a new concept of building the construction industry

406J industrial code nail with 45 degree square line cutting angle, will be in accordance with the length of wood for hand cut section painting. Align the 90 degree code straddle nail, first make a final adjustment, plus a good frame code nail, center book is when the 4 angle 90 degree square with a code nail, proofreading box shape after frame 2 the 4 corners are the staple, this attitude it firmly. With the contact side side with canvas rasp slightly burnish some slope, avoid a wooden side of the canvas on the complex traces, like oil painting that do attitude. Sharpened the side of the beveled side to duplicate a layer of film, randomly set several yards and nails to fix it, and it was cut out to be large with the picture frame. It must be flat. This is the variety of code nail gun behind the painting.

The 406J industrial code nail can be used to nail the nail into the board or the wall, and it can be used as a nail gun. Only about the code nail gun, according to the different principles, caused a variety of categories, such as electric code nail gun, manual nail gun, Gas Code nail gun and so on. Although the varieties of these nail gun are different, the most essential principle is still the same way is to use air high pressure to nail out the nail. There are some differences in the principle of air pressure only. Some use mechanical principle to tighten up, some use electricity, others use gas. The code nail and the pneumatic industrial code nail, the 406j code nail of the gun and the U nail are not stuck.

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