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Application of servo wire machine main technical difficulties
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Servo wire machine, the main technical difficulty is to maintain stability in 0.5~0.2rpm super low speed operation the following error while following errors must be less than 2 pulses. These technical requirements of ultra-low speed actually is and wire working characteristics are closely linked.

Electrode wire diameter of wire machine tool 0.03~0.35mm, and center line on the workpiece cutting the workpiece size of up to about 350m square meters/min, wire machining workpieces and fast wire usually is both very high machining precision and great thickness. This wire machine tool feed rate have very high requirements, speed must be within a certain range, speed too fast will result in processing is not complete, two-tone rough marks on the workpiece surface roughness variation, but also will cause the wire electrode vibration increases, easily broken! Servo following error of less than 2 pulses, it is because of wire-cut machining principle of surface discharge between electrodes is burning, that is to keep a certain distance between the two electrodes, without access to cause a short circuit and cause circuit breaker not too far away!

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