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Are some of the ways you can install the staples of wedm machine tool work
- Jan 22, 2017 -

As we all know, each machine has the features and installation methods, wire-cut machine is no exception, we now know how workholding wedm machine tool installed in it!

Workpiece clamping

Wire cutting machine clamping workpiece, make sure the cutting parts of the workpiece at table x axis, y axis feed cutting range, but should also consider cutting wire electrode movement space. Fixtures should be as General as possible (or standard), the selected fixture should be easy to Setup, and facilitating the coordination of parts and machine sizes. When processing large mould, paying special attention to the positioning of the workpiece, especially when at the end of processing, visualization of the deformation, gravity will make the electrode wire is clamped, and effects processing.

Second, the cantilever clamp

With cantilevered clamping the workpiece, clamping convenient and versatile. But because of the overhang on the workpiece end, easily cutting surface and the upper and lower surface perpendicularity error. For processing requirements or only a short cantilever.

2, ends support clamp

Support at both ends clamped workpiece, clamping convenient and stable, high precision, but the parts not suitable for clamping.

3, bridge support clamp

This way are placed on a universal fixture Horn and then clamping the workpiece, clamping, for large, medium and small workpieces can be used.

4, support plate clamping

According to the common workpiece shape and size, with support plate clamping the workpiece with through holes. High clamping accuracy in this way, but the commonality is poor.

Third, work adjustment

Clamping the workpiece in the above ways, must also be adjusted according to find the Fa-rectification, makes workpiece locating Datum with the machine table and table feed direction parallel to the x, y to maintain to guarantee relative to the cutting surface and Datum position accuracy. Alignment methods are commonly used:

1, with a dial indicator alignment

With magnetic stand to fix the dial gauge on wire rack or on other locations, dial indicator measurement of head contact with the workpiece surface, reciprocating table, according to the indicator dial indicator adjusting the workpiece position, until the dial indicator pointer deflection range up to the required value. Alignment should be carried out in three mutually perpendicular directions.

2, line method

Workpiece cutting graphics benchmark mutual location accuracy is not high, the method can be used to find. Fixed on a wire rack for workpiece drawing of baselines, reciprocating table, Visual Scriber, deviating conditions of the benchmark will be adjusted to the correct position of the workpiece.

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