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Coding and control system in part highlights
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Wire coding and control system in some of the highlights are:

1, using 32-bit programming, can run stable on Windows98-Windows Vista.

2, motion control card with PCI interface, compatible with all major computer.

3, and software programming part directly embedded to AutoCAD in, except has AutoCAD all function outside also expanded has CAD function, makes AutoCAD software can directly read line cutting common of software of file or code, as Autop of Dat file, 3 b format file, ISO code and HF of 2NC format file, can put above format directly read to AutoCAD within for two times programming, and modified, and mark, series operation.

4, directly in AutoCAD for gears, rack, Archimedes, and draws a parabola, you can even Chinese characters directly in the CAD program, the software will automatically handle trim character outlines, processing of Chinese characters, the letters became very simple.

5, you not only can path settings in AutoCAD, processing compensation settings, you can also directly in the parameter settings in the AutoCAD (such as pulse width, pulse, grouping, number of power, as well as tracking speed and wire speed set. ), You can even put your current processing parameters can be saved to the database, you can use the Chinese name directly, when you next time processing equal workpieces can be called directly.

6, and we of software on edit cone degrees task for has optimization, you can directly in CAD in for Cone degrees of set, and upper and lower shaped of synthesis, and times cutting of set, not only so, software also support variable cone programming, transitional cone degrees programming,, we also can directly in CAD in for three dimensional dynamic displayed, on processing of products for preview, to screening whether right programming.

7, software support cut-back clearance angle, you can set the angle, and angle of Qing dynasty (such as 45 degrees or 90 degrees. )。

8, wire, water pumps, are software such as high-frequency switching, you can do so by clicking the mouse or pressing the keyboard shortcut for switching.

9, code optimization, millions of code easy to prepare.

10, software support center, automatically attempt to find general functions, also supports manual alerts non-destructive, easily found by police warning horn sound, because there is no need to open the high frequency, can be done without damaging the workpiece.

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