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Common nail and type C nail difference
- Sep 08, 2017 -

Common nail and type C nail difference

With the reform and opening up, the rapid development of the domestic economy. There are a lot of new products, there are a lot of products because of the development of the economy become more and more popular, as is now on the market of steam products have begun to go to a lot of large and small enterprises, and now we use the C Nails are very different from the previous, no longer nails nails like nails, and now the C-type nails can be used according to different uses of different air guns, known as the C-type nail, said here Everyone should be very interested in C-type nails, right? I am afraid that everyone is not a special understanding of the C-type nail, and now we have to give you a good explanation about the difference between the C-type nail and ordinary nails it

First of all, from their role to consider the above, ordinary nails can only be fixed on some fixed products, such as fixed a number of chairs or some windows, etc., but the C-type nails can be on some of the wire can even help some large Furniture and spring between the folder fixed, very reliable.

Second, from the use of their safety to consider, ordinary nail is a straight shape, with the length of the thickness of the points, but there may be the case of the use of such consumption can be used when the injury can be, and C nail as the name suggests, is c The shape of the letter, supporting the use of C-type nail gun, will not produce a head of the situation, the use of very safe.

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