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Is there any way you can adjust the feeding wire-cut machine gap
- Jan 22, 2017 -

Contact wire cutting machine's friends know, sometimes feeding wire-cut machine gap track tension is sometimes too lax too tight, so when this happens, how do we adjust elastic feeding wire-cut machine gap in tracking it?

Wire-cutting wire machine in the production tracking refers to the space in the manufacturing of variable-frequency speed. Frequency converter works like this: the gap made a sample voltage, this voltage to control the frequency oscillator with voltage nearly linear change, it outputs the pulse directly as the controller of the operation and to start and stop signals, which is realized by the gap voltage control of the feed rate. Commonly referred to as tracking provided by elastic is artificially changed to oscillators of the sampled voltage range.

Line cutting processing tracking adjustment is the most fundamental principle in order to achieve a stable processing, as long as stability, speed and smoothness is guaranteed. Due to a large range of automatic control frequency circuits, in the General case, frequency conversion adjustment on the Panel's position is very important, where can be processed. But in certain cases the cutting efficiency and quality, with frequency conversion and speed are important.

Adjustable speed of method is: in the go thread cutting selected pulse wide, and pulse between, input pipe of number yihou, observation with pulse source of voltage table and ammeter, frequency speed of adjustment will makes table of shows value in must range within changes, in current smaller of that a range, adjustment of with moving will more sensitive, to fast direction adjustment will has a compared slow, placed slow and sensitive of junction is more suitable of. Can also be said to be transferred has been sensitive enough to but it was properly processing position then back a bit.

This refers to the ordinary material, the normal thickness. Processing of special materials or extra thick, the frequency adjustment should be targeted. Low-conductivity materials, except for high frequency source site values, sample starting voltage should be raised, and the track come loose. Thickness of processing should also enable frequency slightly slower, rather some no-load impulse, also cleaning to give enough clearance and insulation time of recovery. Track too tight, will to a certain extent make the gap smaller, coated, black and white stripes to shallow, but only in black and white color, finish was not good. Etch pits and reversing stripe is the same, just more likely to short-circuit. If a wire loose or uneven tension, resulting in ultra feed and long time operation, smoothness, efficiency would be all right.

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