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Stainless steel industrial nails to make work return to life
- Dec 15, 2017 -

Stainless steel industrial nails to make work return to life

The use of stainless steel nail nail stainless steel industry in the air or solid rivets and then things first as punching riveting sheet with plastic deformation to reach the intention of cohesion is generally made of stainless steel plate industrial nails or other iron and steel scrap materials, general demand reaches a certain strength requirements, and comprehensive functions to reach certain requirements. Needs to have good plasticity, which is the reason why Industrial nail can be widely used. Stainless steel industrial nails are affected by the processing technology because of the material reasons, strength, hardness and plasticity.

The tensile strength of stainless steel industry to nail to a certain scale, the increase is relatively uniform steel nails due to its outstanding plasticity and patience, so it can be a very good low temperature resistance, anti oxidation and its appearance, so the corrosion of the gas are very resistant, which is one reason why so what industrial nails welcome. Avoid the data moving to the concave die under the effect of rivet, self piercing riveting technology of stainless steel nail half hollow rivet, self piercing riveting process of semi hollow rivet, first pressing down the movement to pre press the riveting data. There are stainless steel nails, 304 stainless steel studs and stainless steel round nails.

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