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Staples wire cutting in how to maintain its life extended more
- Jan 22, 2017 -

For any product, device, and after we use only good maintenance will be extended the life expectancy of the product itself, wire cutting, wire cutting back how to make its life last longer?

We from the moisture under the electrical products: electrical products and complex, especially in coastal zones used electrical products must have the perfect moisture-proof design in order to guarantee the normal work. Principles of machining by wire cutting special, moisture-proof design becomes more important for its electrical system. Because of the high cost of low speed wire cutting machine tool, manufacturers require users under certain conditions using linear cutting machine, such as specialized air conditioning room, if the temperature and humidity over much wedm fault no warranty provisions. Fast wire in wire machine tools and machine tools, cost a lot lower than the low speed wire cutting machine, if also required client specification for electrical use, equipped with air conditioning in the room, a lot of clients don't want to. This work back into electrical protection equipment manufacturers, product development is required from circuit design, materials, structural design and process technology, and many other aspects of systemic design of moisture-proof.

If the electrical equipment being affected with damp, firstly appeared in the insulation performance degradation, aging accelerate. According to current theory, environmental humidity increases the dielectric conductivity, relative dielectric constant, dielectric loss angle tangent value increases, the breakdown field strength reduction. Worth noting is that insulation failure process tend to be in the presence of heat embrittlement, cracking after the shock, after the penetration of moisture, low voltage can also cause discharge, resulting in breakdown of insulating materials. Secondly, the exposed metal conductors as the humidity increases, in General its oxidation and corrosion accelerate (especially in the case of the adhesion of dust), enable the conductor connection contact resistance increases, resulting in overheating.

Thus, long-term electrical equipment in wet conditions, do not use moisture-proof measure, for example, its life will be greatly reduced, causing leakage, short circuit, leading to serious electrical failures and accidents when the relative humidity in the air is more than 80%, electrical products in the organic and inorganic components due to moisture will increase the weight of materials, expansion and deformation, corrosion of metal structure will accelerate. If improper insulation materials and processing, the insulation resistance will drop quickly, so that the insulation is penetrated. Electrical components inside the product is generally divided into metals and nonmetals. Metal will accelerate corrosion in wet conditions; non-metallic in temperature, oxygen, moisture and dust will accelerate corrosion. Measures must therefore be taken to prevent oxidation reactions, prevention of environmental factors on electrical properties of electrical products due to changes in mechanical properties of lead changes and the damage, therefore, must take control or reduce the adverse effects of environmental conditions on the reliability of electrical products, electrical products to ensure the performance of the work, increase product operation reliability in harsh environments. Do the regular maintenance work rather than fire fighting, emergency repair on behalf. Trouble parking would cause wages to produce great economic losses, and with a smaller investment to take corresponding measures are necessary.

How to do a moisture-proof measures

① wire cutting electrical cabinet try to seal, install moisture-dust-proof sponge at the cooling vents, require customers to regularly replace the sponge;

Use spray, dipping, filling and sealing process on important components be waterproofed. Moisture protection products electrical equipment;

Using low hygroscopic material and structure of electronic components;

II on the electronic circuit board surface invasion of coated acrylic membrane protective agent or silicone resin coating protection, avoid moisture intrusion;

⑤ for infrequently used equipment should place the right amount of desiccant in the electrical cabinet, and protective cover for good. In the wet (monsoon season), shortened places electrical equipment inside the desiccant replacement cycle, uses the ability to duplicate using the chromotropic silica gel desiccant, a wet water color hints; second can be recycled to heat dried can be reused, reducing costs;

⑥ to clean the electrical cabinet of the workshop to ensure electrical cabinet cleaning; each year based on the actual production of electrical equipment parts to be replaced on a regular basis, especially in the electrical cabinet, or replacing the motor age hardening of lines.

Wire cut electric heating elements in the Cabinet in more normal running power on small, damp the possibility is very small, but shut down after a period of time, be sure to thoroughly check the line, grease and moisture are frequent electrical failures of the main reasons.

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