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Teaches you the right to maintenance of guide pulley of wire cutting machine tool
- Jan 22, 2017 -

We know that any kind of industrial products, after use if not properly maintained, the product itself will be much shorter life expectancy than we imagined, take for instance the wedm machine tool control wheel, wire cutting machine control wheel, how do we correct the service?

, Wire-cutting wheel assembly and disassembly required for first Assembly of guide pulley, copper sleeve, nut, nut inside the kerosene to clean inside and outside. Copper to remove crumbs, dust and other impurities.

Second, take a copper sleeve, horizontal drilling machine on the work surface; any one wheel, vertical in the bushing in taking another bushing, set above the wheel

Third, bearing flat into a copper sleeve. Press bar (a tool with a diameter of 5 mm bore) hole down, caught in the drill press clamp front, move handle, Chuck down, press bar horizontal pressing bearings, bearing is pressed into the bushing and tight guide wheels. At this point, the bearings are installed, and unilateral double-bearing mounting at the other end by repeating this procedure.

Description: pressure Rod 5 mm hole end level down when vertical and press the bearing inner ring and outer ring, so in the next process will have no impact on the bearing.

Four, most of the Guide pulley with 3, 4 or 5 mm thread, screw on the nuts. Then there is the tip clearance

Top five, clearance is the wheel on both sides of wheel surface respectively, and two from the copper contact surface in order to avoid wheel rotating at high speed in the process of serious friction with the copper sleeve, friction will reduce the service life of the Guide pulley and bushing and bearing rotation resistance increases, the parts wear more quickly. Tip clearance is therefore an important process. First b-screwed on bushing tool, screw in with two-thirds, then screwed a b with thimble, thimble will top the wheel center hole on the shaft. Screwed a screw fixed so far, guide pulley at this time round and copper surfaces in space, this single tip clearance completed, repeat the process on the other side. Best grip tip clearance: left hand wheel Assembly, right hand twist the tool. Left hand components should be held in (hold) on copper sleeve with tool connection and empty end bushing.

Note: because it is metal, copper thread sharper, be sure to take it must not let its hands spin, so as not to cut your hands!

Six, finally lubricating the nut on. How much oil should be considered after the inner nut, oil overflow from the Guide pulley and bushing clearance is the best, it means bearing grease through. At this point, the wheel is assembled.

Seven, to remove the wheel, as long as the 6th nut removed, according to the 7th step until the Guide pulley out bearings.

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