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The basic technology of high-speed cutting
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Artifacts coordinate system and artifacts original points of set in machine table of different location Shang, can while installation several artifacts, need established several artifacts coordinate system. machine General provides a artifacts coordinate system, for specified. artifacts original points to select easy measurement or touch silk of location, while to easy programming calculation. process parameter of select > process parameter: is refers to processing conditions, including: discharge pulse frequency and pulse wide, and current of size, and discharge clearance, parameter, these parameter and artifacts material and heat treatment State, and artifacts thickness, and Machining accuracy, the wire electrode diameter. CNC wire-cut machine General parameters database for call processing.

Process parameter database can by cutting material and thickness of different for modified. right select wear silk hole, and into knife line and back knife line wear silk hole is for line cutting processing zhiqian, used other processing method as drilling, and EDM perforation in artifacts Shang processing of process hole. wear silk hole is Mo silk relative Yu artifacts movement of beginning, while is program implementation of starting location. wear silk hole of location: should selected in easy find are, and in processing process in the easy check of location. wear silk hole of location should set in artifacts Shang. > Into knife line and back knife line of select also also should note. silk radius compensation of established radius compensation value of calculation method: RADIUS compensation value Mo silk RADIUS discharge clearance silk RADIUS for discharge clearance silk radius compensation of established and canceled and NC milling cut processing in the compensation process completely same. silk radius compensation of established and canceled must with line plug fill instruction, and must in cut process into knife line and cut out process back knife line in the completed, as figure by shows. silk radius compensation of established and canceled cone degrees processing conditions first must entered following parameter: ① the upper guide pulley Center to table distance > II under the work surface to wheel centre distances > ③ workpiece thickness shown. taper machining taper cutting parameters and machining error analysis example

① establishment of taper machining and exit as shown in the figure: ② established exit cone taper machining and processing procedures must be line segments, respectively, done in the feed line and exit lines. ③ as shown in Fig. figure in the program under the surface of the workpiece to be machined surface, coinciding with the work surface.

④ taper machining taper processing were established from the starting point of the line segment deflection electrode wire, to the program at the end of the wire electrode runout taper value specified, as shown in the figure.

⑤ exit from exit cone of the taper machining processing of the starting point of the line segment runout wire electrodes, to the program at the end of the wire back shows.

Establishment and exit the taper of the taper machining range of cutting and machining error analysis

Taper cutting range: different machine taper cutting range of this value is not the same outline is only suitable for connecting graphics

For profile not smooth connection of graphics, for ribs side cone angle is intersect on both sides of composite angle, its value is greater than surface Shang of cone angle, so face to face Shang of cone angle last, ribs Shang of cone angle will is greater than, cannot cutting. for example, cutting cone degrees for of square ribs cone Shi, ribs Shang of cone angle for, has beyond of cutting range, so cannot cutting.

Fast wire cutting machine is wheel support and high molybdenum wires that run when when machining taper, its supporting point with the change of the form has a smaller taper. therefore, inevitably leads to cut errors.

Cone changes direction of machining error of tangential point the error. molybdenum wire when you swing, swing of molybdenum wire tension, has a tendency to slip.

With axis of mobile, MO silk by partial pendulum pull role, will in wheel slot within produced different of slip trend, and produced different of direction errors; this a errors easily for quantitative calculation, only for qualitative analysis. fast go taps degrees cutting errors is inevitable to by wheel point changes caused of. so in cone degrees cutting Shi, to improve cutting precision, can along ribs line direction into knife, or will artifacts placed into a a angle, to makes wheel point changes formed of errors in size direction Shang mutual offset.

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