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Wedm machine tool market in high-end needs to be further improved
- Jan 23, 2017 -

With the progress of China's industrial development, wire cutting machine tool industry also occupies a place on the market, but high-end wire cutting machine is also an urgent need for further improvement of the competitiveness of the market, why is that?

High-end wire cutting machine tool market share is an important index to measure the competitiveness of the domestic machine tool companies. Statistics show that in the first quarter, China's machine tool imports rose 61.9%, another record high.

At present, the level of demand for machine tools in the domestic market improved significantly. Fast growth of domestic market demand for high-end, mid-range, especially for low-end needs less and less. In this case, we will have to improve the competitiveness of domestically produced high-end CNC machine tools in the market. However domestic high-end CNC machine tool products are: quality does not go on, the cost goes down. The reason on the one hand, our CNC systems and features of foreign dependence is too high on the other, our master degrees in technology development in deep enough, only the result, but without knowing why. A high-end CNC machine tools tend to be high-end CNC system and collection of high-end features. To this end, the domestic machine tool companies now think their product is in secondary development of NC system capacity is not enough, and only use the functions on a standard platform; even with the same high-end CNC, domestic machine tool application and adaptation have also been limited. Therefore, the breakthrough in CNC system and major features of the neck is particularly urgent.

Point to accelerate the pace of industrialization development of high-end CNC machine tools

Objectively speaking, technological level of domestic CNC machine tool has been greatly improved, our scientific and technological research, 04 science and technology projects can be described as fruitful, but high-grade machine tool industry is struggling. Our five-axis can only sell half or less than half the price of others, the key is not on the depth and breadth of our software development, performance, and quality does not go on. Now require in-depth technical industry, industrialization of research techniques, only then can the competitiveness of products up.

Research system as a whole we are inadequate in such areas, to improve in the short term domestic high-end CNC machine tool industrialization level is difficult, you must point to first achieve breakthroughs in key application areas. In cars, for example, although domestic high-end CNC machine tools of individual auto companies used on the production line, but in the Faw, the steam turbine, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin automobile enterprises such as key parts of the leading product lines, there is no breakthrough.

"From big to strong" than a day

"Now it has been suggested that within five years, Chinese machine tool companies to change from big to strong. "The President of China machine tool industry association at National Chengchih University, believes that this goal was a bit high or unrealistic, but a solid step by step in this direction was to be able to do. At present, the domestic machine tool manufacturers in General is big but not strong, and functional parts and CNC system is neither large nor strong. Therefore, in order to promote "from large to strong" objectives the progressive realization of China machine tool industry association in the formulation of development plans, after careful analysis and discussion, puts three marks, goals: first, to main service industry key enterprise products of typical parts processing equipment on the breakthrough. Second, domestic CNC machine tools, especially in domestic market share of high-end CNC machine tools increased domestic high-end CNC machine tool numerical control system and main functional parts localization rates are significantly improved. Third, a handful or more machine tool products to become an internationally renowned brand, or a few more companies become a strong company in the world.

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