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Wire cutting in steering wheel movement and the heating should be how to solve
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Usually we use wire cutting shift movement and stator heating and radial how should you address these failures, we have a detailed analysis on this issue:

Its fault reasons is: wheel is go silk system in the key parts, due to wheel in Assembly process in the on its control not strict, or bearing sets plane degrees, and the vertical degrees super poor, or procurement bearing quality not standard,, caused wheel in running is fever, effect its life, axis steering channeling moving and the radial beat big, caused Mo silk jitter, then effect line cutting parts parts of precision.

Wedm fault above in so we can make the following responses:

① assurance control wheel manufacturing accuracy, control wheel steering and runout, to help reduce vibration molybdenum wires, improving process stability;

II ensure the installation accuracy of guide wheels, guide rollers rotate to be flexible to prevent wheel bounce and swing;

And aim at ensuring the quality of bearing used waterproofing wheel, improve bearing life;

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