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You know that feeding wire-cut machine tools: what are the technical requirements?
- Jan 22, 2017 -

and faster development of the industry, its technological requirements have become more sophisticated, we now understand the basic process of wedm machine tool what are it!

At present, the multiple cut of wedm machine tool technology has considerable development, improved the quality of processing attracted the attention of many manufacturers and users. Wire-EDM after repeatedly cutting workpiece in surface finish has increased, but the class than low-speed wedm machine tool cutting accuracy still lags, and further improve accuracy of retention required.

Investigate its reasons is: most "in the go silk" machine are is on existing of high-speed EDM line cutting machine shipped silk system for has improved, but its basic structure still no quality of changes; due to electrode silk of repeatedly using, in cutting process in the must exists electrode silk of loss, to effect discharge clearance and eventually reduced has cutting precision; times cutting processing for most Terminal die, and stamping die of concave die, processing effect obviously, regardless of precision, and rough degrees are has obviously upgrade, operation also compared simple.

Processing for punch, with strong technology, experience is important, some large, material thickness punch processing remains to accumulation processing experience. In addition relevant theory and the actual correction of difference and rule and discharge mechanism of wedm machine tool and other issues still need further improvement.

① the machine itself: according to national standards strictly controlled manufacturing accuracy, particularly improving positioning accuracy and repeatability of positioning accuracy of machine tool and choose Taiwan or Japan imported linear slide rail, precision screw, pitch compensation, or closed-loop control. Second track exactly the same before and after;

② wire system: wire cutting machine with high wear resistance in wire retainer, maintain the relative stability of the electrode wire, control the space form and position of wire changing in the process of reducing tension wire electrode.

③ pulsed power supply: improving a machining cutting speed, stability of more than 120 mm2/min. reduce wire loss to ensure accuracy of the machined parts while providing finish machining pulse power supply with good performance.

④ frequency servo connection: provides servo mode suitable for rough and finish machining to meet the processing requirements of different objects and synthesis to write the servo parameters and normalized database processing parameters.

⑤ cooling systems: change commonly used extensive cooling, multi-stage filtration and to control the key parameters such as the dielectric constant, ensure smooth finish.

⑥ control software: provides an open wire cutting machine tool processing parameters in database, based on the texture of the material, thickness, roughness, conditions, reasonable set of rough cutting, finishing and subtle light pulse parameters, path compensation amount, wire movement and speed, and the corresponding multiple cutting intelligence database was developed.

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