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C RING How To Ensure Overall Quality
- Jun 30, 2017 -

C RING How to ensure overall quality
To ensure the quality of the C RING, make sure that the model is ensured. In the process of processing is based on a certain model to carry out, if the entire model is good, this is the overall quality of your best. Really ensure that the model has no quality problems so that it can better ensure better use in the future. We are actively aware of this.
C RING also to do a good job of quality inspection. This includes two aspects of equipment and personnel inspection. Equipment is important, but if there is no good technology, you will find a lot of things can not be guaranteed. Make sure that you have a better quality check on the things you produce, and when you check your heart, you'll be better able to ensure your future use.
For the C RING how to ensure their overall quality, according to these aspects have a better understanding, to ensure the quality of the product. This will be better for the future of the quality of protection, as well as the sale of the time would be more easy. The quality of the inability to ensure that in the future how to better carry out the sale, this is very crucial to us, we must do these different aspects.
We often say that the quality of the combination screws is fine when we manufacture the combination screws and the purchasing staff to order the combination screws. So how to see the quality of the C RING is good!

The quality of the C RING begins with the screw wire from the manufacturer of the combined screws. Screw wire is decided to combine the quality of the first pass, wire is not good, that is afraid of production equipment in the advanced, staff technology in sophisticated, can not produce high-quality combination screws.

In the second look at the quality of the C RING product from the overall beauty of the combination screws. A combination of screws have been formed, the head size of the screw, the appearance of the flat cushion, screw thread can pass through the rules and so on. These are all needed to be detected. A good combination of screws, its overall standard can meet the GB requirements, or customer requirements.

Finally see the combination screw product quality is from the plating color, iron combination screws Of course needs electroplating, but C RING does not need. Some are passivation, in order to increase the C RING of salt spray. Combination screws plating color, some does not control good, will produce very big chromatic aberration. That doesn't look good.
At present, C RING manufacturers in the production process of nails will generally choose stainless steel materials, this is mainly and the use of stainless steel material performance has a great relationship, stainless steel has a variety of additives, such as nickel Chrome, even in the long-term contact with the air and water will not occur corrosion phenomenon, so the scope of application of the material is wide, in many ways can be applied. And the hardness of stainless steel, belong to high-quality materials.
The use of stainless steel materials with beautiful appearance and exquisite, can be used for multi-purpose use. Because it is stainless steel material, will make the product has very good corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance, than the use of ordinary steel longer. In addition, the hardness of C RING is very high, in the process of use can achieve the penetration effect. Because of the hard and not brittle material, in the production process can achieve a certain plastic processing, improve production efficiency. Clean surface, no handling, good stain resistance.

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