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C RING Industry To Develop Must Find New Breakthroughs
- Nov 02, 2017 -

C RING industry to develop must find new breakthroughs
At present, China has more than 20,000 C RING enterprises, with the intensification of competition, companies need to break through the inherent sales chain, looking for new opportunities. Information and e-commerce is quietly changing the C RING industry, and even change the C RING business is the usual thinking. C RING enterprise application of e-commerce to obtain orders will be the trend, the use of the site to do the promotion, build shops, business in the IM business will be C RING business e-commerce applications. This low cost, fast spread and efficient e-commerce become a close combination of e-commerce and C-ring industry.
But at present, there are still a lot of C RING enterprises on the application of e-commerce there is a "built a website, it must be high-cost promotion", "can not find the right marketing", "the use of the network will be able to attract foreign trade business" The How to obtain orders through the network, C RING industry how to apply e-commerce in-depth analysis of the system to understand how to minimize the cost of small and medium enterprises to get the best results, how to choose their own search, how to choose their own industry website, so Promote the construction of small and medium-sized enterprises and e-commerce applications, to help more enterprises to effectively use e-commerce.
In the world financial crisis more than a year's time, or from a longer period of time, in addition to C RING sales and other aspects of the outside, C RING industry has more development characteristics and progress.
First, the structural adjustment to achieve certain results. This is mainly three aspects of performance: First, the effectiveness of institutional reform and mechanism conversion, the current state-owned enterprises, both from the number or production and sales, are only less than 3% of the whole industry, joint-stock, private and foreign-funded enterprises have an absolute advantage , The whole industry to further enhance the vitality; the second is a large, sophisticated, complex, long-life C RING as the main representative of the high-tech content in the proportion of high-end C RING has been steadily improved; Third, the market structure continues to improve, the emerging industry is widespread Attention, such as the field of new energy, medical equipment (equipment, equipment), automation, aerospace and fast economy C RING areas. The international market is also broad, in addition to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia, the traditional market, India, Russia, Brazil, Australia, the Middle East and South Africa and other emerging markets have begun to expand.
Second, the overseas C RING to the mainland of China's trend of continuous development, led to the continuous improvement of the industry level and the rapid growth of exports. As China's C RING production cost advantage continues to exist, so on the one hand is foreign investment, as well as C RING procurement, the international C RING are further to the transfer of development in China. As a result of international standards, which accelerated our progress.
Third, the cluster production mode has been further developed. As far as I know, at present there are more than 30 different types and different forms of C RING (garden, district, agglomeration production base), of which more than half have formed a certain scale, 2008 C RING city output About 27 billion yuan, of which C RING is about 17 billion yuan, the scale effect has been reflected. Moreover, the development of cluster production mode has made great contributions to the development of modern manufacturing service industry and the development of industrial chain with C RING as the core in the development of C RING industry, and its significance is great. At present, the cluster production mode is still under development, the overall situation is good.
Fourth, C RING production cycle to further shorten, C RING prices continue to decline. This is the C RING production enterprises, it is indeed caused a lot of pressure, but for C RING users, this is the result. At the same time, this is C RING industry technical progress performance. But there is also a market is not standardized, excessive price competition and middle and low product overcapacity problem, should cause us to pay enough attention.
After the crisis, the C RING industry, like newborns, needs more "care" and "care", need to continue to increase their resistance, from all aspects to add "nutrition." Analysis of the C RING industry, marketing concepts need to do a greater change in order to make their own resistance is greater, and "die" pass

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