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C RING Maintenance Should Pay Attention To The Problem
- Aug 17, 2017 -

C RING maintenance should pay attention to the problem
  C RING is widely used in the major mechanical equipment, the performance of the use of mechanical equipment is also closely related to the use of C RING if the process of sudden damage, and may seriously damage the equipment, resulting in equipment can not function properly, so we use C RING process, it is best to carry out maintenance, so as to be more secure use.
      C RING use maintenance need to pay attention to the following six questions:
      1, C RING rinse the process is very important, need to be very careful and careful, the process will have residues on the surface of the C RING. This step is to rinse after the silicate cleaning agent is cleaned.
      2, C RING tempered in the process of heating to be together, otherwise it will lead to a slight oxidation in the quenching oil.
      3, to the high-strength screw surface will appear phosphide white residue, indicating (1 point) check the operation is not serious enough carefully.
      4, the surface of the parts will have a black phenomenon of chemical anti-use, indicating that the heat treatment of the work done well, the surface of the alkaline residue is not completely removed.
      5, parts of the standard parts in the rinse will occur in the case of rust, rinse the water used to constantly replace the next.
      6, there is excessive rust phenomenon that quenching oil with oil for too long, need to add new oil or replacement.
  Self-attack C RING than the use of ordinary C RING on the more advanced, self-attack C RING drilling without holes, with the C RING and the general difference, the head for the sharp, teeth from the relatively large, and no Silk tapping a bit like, you can not tap directly into the metal and plastic usually use this method. There are many types of self-attack C RINGs, but they have the same characteristics, which has five main characteristics.
      1, are generally made of carburized steel (99% of the total product). Can also be made of stainless steel or non-ferrous metals.
      2, the product must be heat treated. Carbon steel tapping screws must be carburized, stainless steel tapping screws must be subjected to solution hardening treatment. So that the tapping screw to meet the standard requirements of the mechanical properties and performance.
      3, the product surface hardness, core toughness is good. That is, "inside the soft outside just". This is a major feature of self-tapping screw performance requirements. Such as the surface hardness is low, screw into the matrix; such as the core toughness is poor, a twist on the broken, can not be used. So "within the soft outside just" is the self-tapping screw to meet the performance requirements.
      4, the surface of the product need surface protection treatment, the general plating treatment. Some products surface by phosphate treatment (phosphate). Such as: wall plate self-tapping screws are mostly phosphating.
      5, the use of cold forging process production. Recommended high-speed cold heading machine and high-speed rolling machine or high-speed planetary roller machine production to ensure product quality. This production of self-tapping screw head shape is good, high quality thread.
Expansion of the C RING of the fixed principle of the expansion of the C RING is the use of pull-out slope to promote the expansion of friction caused by clamping force, to achieve a fixed effect. Screw head is a thread, a vertebral. Outside the package of a metal, metal cylinder half of a number of incision, put them together thrown into the hole in the wall, and then lock the nut, Luo mother pull out the screw, the vertebral pull into the metal cylinder, metal cylinder was Open up, so tightly fixed on the wall, generally used for fence, rain Peng, air conditioning and other cement, brick and other materials on the fastening. But its fixation is not very reliable, if the load has a greater vibration, may be loose, it is not recommended for the installation of ceiling fans and so on.

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