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China's D RING Industry Needs To Promote Innovation
- Oct 19, 2017 -

China's D RING industry needs to promote innovation
Innovation is to promote the development of D RING manufacturers an important starting point, so D RING manufacturers must do a good job of innovation. China's industrial development process, in the innovation work made guilty of digging wells, dug ten wells, no one insisted to dig out the water.
In other words, D RING manufacturers do not achieve long-term innovation, according to the world D RING manufacturers over the years of innovation experience, all the major breakthroughs in technological achievements are the result of continuous innovation, no one is accomplished overnight. In 30 years ago, at the same time with our country started research on the casting technology in some areas have made a major breakthrough, but China's D RING manufacturers but because of halfway, nothing made. This is not only a lot of waste of manpower, material resources, but also to our country D RING manufacturers due to technical problems long stagnant. Enterprise innovation level, but also the top five selection of the best focus of one of the top five, only pay attention to the creation of enterprises in the tide of industrial upgrading in the sustainable development can also become a well-deserved "China vane."
Therefore, China's D RING manufacturers to do a good job of innovation, we must overcome the industry in the scientific research work halfway problems, so that continuous innovation.
According to the survey, China's D RING manufacturers in the process of innovation, the suspension of innovation process, mainly due to the following factors: the lack of research funds, enterprises in the process of scientific research and innovation, suddenly encountered funding strand breaks, resulting in scientific research and innovation Lack of follow-up funds to support, it is difficult to continue; research and innovation cycle is long, the enterprise does not have enough patience to develop new scientific research, coupled with scientific research into real productivity also need a period of time to promote business halt; research innovation and production Practice from the difficult to stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises to continue to innovate.
From the above analysis, China's D RING manufacturers to do a good job of innovation, we must overcome the industry in the scientific research work halfway problems, so that continuous innovation. And to continue to innovate and must solve the enterprise led to the suspension of business innovation, rooted in the source, from the source to solve the problem, prompting our D RING manufacturers do a continuous innovation work.
From the current development of the status quo, China D RING manufacturers to carry out the industry and the world's advanced level there is a greater distance, there are still many questions to develop:
Top, low level of technology, D RING manufacturers of poor quality, high D RING manufacturers still difficult to produce, the core technology and key products still rely on imports. Processing capacity, D RING manufacturers of energy consumption and serious cost of raw materials, processing cycle is long, low production power, has become a bottleneck restricting professional development HC &&& the top ten selection is to investigate the company in this side of the show, the real quality The company selected China's "benchmark".
Second, the entire industrial chain has the ability to develop the company less, the company developed volunteer lack. D RING manufacturers are a lot of production technology, production process stacking products, if not necessarily developed into the goods has always been in the low-end level, will be gradually tide of the era of screening.
These problems severely prevent the domestic D RING manufacturers to carry out the industry, China D RING manufacturers to the international advanced level of industry, it must be from the fundamental question to proceed, to keep trying to cut production equipment, focus on technological innovation and development, and progress D RING manufacturers Quality, which is the core question. As long as the victory over these questions, the ability to make the domestic manufacturers D RING manufacturers to Yang Guan Road.

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