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Composite Bow And D Ring Production
- May 26, 2017 -

D RING Composite bow and D ring with the production of the Department of arrows

  Began to knot up and down, a layer of layers and then tighten, like the Department of shoelaces. First on the winding line, and then in the following system, about 3 mm, and then return to the starting position. This return is just enough for the first pass. When the end, and then return to play two upper and lower knot, and then a double buckle (see below). Cut off the excess thread, and then burn the knot on the line.

  Install the D ring

  D RING To install a good D ring, make it safe and free to fall, you need to prepare the chord material, a pointed vise, a blade and a lighter.

  D RING With a 9 inch / 22.86 cm long string along the following figure to form a U-shaped at one end, the two ends of the string wrapped around the string, and then pull the two in the middle. Slide the chord to the ideal position and then tighten with the pointed vise. Then you must hold the D ring. Fasten it after a burning it, so in the shears rope to be more than 3 mm, and then with their fingers twist round, so burn the ball is better. Burn and then use pliers to tighten it.

  90% of the next step will be messing up. Make sure the D ring, leave the remaining string to the other end, wrap the bow and then pull the thread into the wrapped circle, and then around the top of the coil from the bowstones wrapped around, and then wrapped back (see below). Then you will adjust the chord to reach the length of the D ring you want. With a pointed vise to tighten it, and then burn the excess thread, and the same as the previous method. To make the D ring firmly and reach the exact location, will be pointed to the D ring into the D ring to open D ring, the more tight the better. After doing this several times, D ring distance than the original more than 1-2 mm, but it also depends on the original line of the Department of how tight. You have to remember this, before using the vise to pull the D ring before the D ring than expected a few millimeters. Tightening the D-ring with a tiger can also bite the bowstring so that it does not rotate or loosen on the cord to cause the shooting to fail.

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