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Detailed Analysis Of The Surface Roughness Of Wire-cutting Machine
- Jan 22, 2017 -

We know that we cut of wedm machine tool industry plays a very important role, now we come to understand the reason of wedm machine tool surface roughness under what are now!

Guide wheel and bearing with inner ring at work in high gear at thousands of revolutions per minute. Especially fast wire, wire processing environment is dissolved impurities mixed with a variety of discharge wire cutting fluid on the wheel positioning of bearing precision play a major role there is a great deal of influence, can be said to determine the stator component "life and death" factor.

Support although no molybdenum wire wheel components "positioning" plays a decisive role, but ensure smooth wire wire the system as a whole. Wire tension system control wheel components in the "contain". Processing factors of non-discharge of the broken wire, machined surfaces "jumpers and mark", wire tube directional signs.

Our molybdenum wires in the processing zone of "absolute" coordinates is the upper and the lower arm end of the wheel Assembly on location. In the control system of machining molybdenum wire is only relative to the machine table "signal", from the theoretical model of path is "zero error". In practical work, the stator component to influence molybdenum wire, let the actual trajectory of molybdenum wire along the axis of the wheel in a fixed location guide wheel installation and radial "dynamic" movement. This is the effect of cutting surface roughness is an important reason for the final results, particularly on the wire, the "dynamic" effects of displacement affects multiple cut-surface roughness.

As a line cutting technician, changed wheel and bearing, wheel component assembly precision machine tool within the scope of a request, or molybdenum wire space along the axial and radial 0.005MM wheel, said cylinder or cylinder form. Say hard or difficult, the key is that we understand in our replacement of bearings, guide rollers in the course of which the human factor will affect the practical outcomes of the Assembly, which is the wheel, the quality factor of the bearing itself.

First wheel, bearing their own quality checks. In our domestic line before cutting plant on the wheel parts has specialized in the production and quality by GB specifications style control. Now is generally entrusted domestic professional manufacturers, quality is guaranteed.

When a new wedm machine tool to the user, this machine "processing property" basic stereotypes, and molybdenum wire positioning "guiding system" wheel component structure to a certain extent determine the surface quality of wire cutting is good or bad.

From the wheel assemblies work and work environments to analyze in wedm machine tool for us to maintain a good surface roughness value modified by actual participation.

First wheel component structure to begin, both fast wire EDM machines, or in high speed wire structure based on the wire, stator component is divided into "main wheel assembly", and "secondary guide wheel component" part II.

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