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Do You Know How Many Types Of Nails Are Classified
- Feb 16, 2018 -

Steel row nail: new design, unique, quick effect, good engineering quality, wide application and so on, is the ideal replacement product of common round nail. It is used for furniture making, sofa, wooden box, and various kinds of wood products.

Code nail: K nail, code nail, N nail use, furniture manufacturing industry for sofa chair, sand release and skin. The decoration industry is used for ceilings, thin plates, etc., and the wooden box industry is used for outer sheet.

Cement nail: in the shape of a round nail is very similar, the head slightly thicker. But the cement steel nail is made of high quality steel. It has the advantages of hard and bending. It can be directly nailed into concrete and brick walls. The common specifications are 7~35mm.

Wood screw: also known as wood screw, more easily combined with wood than other nails, and more used in the combination of metal and other materials with wood materials.

Twist nail nail body such as twist, round flat head, cross or a prefix, at the bottom of the sharp end. The nail force is especially strong, suitable for some places which need strong nail force, such as drawers, wooden ceiling hangers and so on. The common specifications have many specifications from 50~85mm.

Spelling: it is a sharp nail with a smooth surface in the middle. It is more easy to combine and fix wood than other nails. It is especially suitable for the pin when the board is assembled. The common specifications are 25~120mm.

Self tapping screw: the nail body is deep, high hardness, cheap, and can combine two metal parts better than other nails. It is often used for the connection and fixation of metal components, such as the manufacture of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Nail shooting: the shape is similar to the cement nail, but it is shot out in the gun. In contrast, the fastening of the nail is better and economical than the manual construction. At the same time, it is easier to build than other nails. Nail used for wooden construction projects, such as joinery and wooden surface engineering etc..

Staple: the binding of paper documents, such as paper documents, is usually made of two kinds of iron or copper with an alloy of nickel or nickel zinc to prevent rust.

Bolts: the bolts used in the decoration engineering are mainly divided into two kinds of plastic and metal, which are used to replace the buried bolt. It is suitable for all kinds of wall, ground anchorage and building parts and objects.

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