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For Ü Type Nail, You Know How Much
- Nov 03, 2017 -

For ü type nail, you know how much?

With the rapid development of industry, the nails are more and more loved by the majority of the people and more and more valued. The ü type nail is commonly used as a nail, so let's look together!

ü type of nail, also known as code nails, professional for furniture, fur, stationery, or building fixed, including models include: 4J, 10J, 12J, 10F, 12F, K, 8N, 9N, Q, SB, 80,84,97,50,90,92,71,1400,64,10 × 8F, 13 / 6,13 / 8 ü type code nails.

Surface treatment: wire color, galvanized, spray, spray paint.

The general shape can be divided into: round ü type nails, square ü type nails, G type grass nails

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