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How Can I Extend The Life Of Wire?
- Jan 22, 2017 -

If you want to extend the life of wire, then you will have to do the maintenance. Especially in coastal areas, the equipment easy to damp, it is easy to damage. So, how to maintain the equipment?

Use wire cutting equipment must meet the requirements of the environment, General requirements to be equipped with a dedicated air-conditioned rooms, guarantee a good humidity and temperature of the plants. Because the equipment is exposed to moisture, so easily lead to leakage, short circuit phenomenon, which not only affects the safety of, or even the safety of personnel would also be threatened. Temperature control, in case of heating insulation tend to be brittle, shaken after crack.

In short, must find ways to take measures to reduce environmental negative impact of wire-cutting equipment, in order to guarantee the performance of equipment, improve the reliability of products. Therefore, we must not ignore routine maintenance work, maintenance, equipment not only benefit manufacturers, to get the maximum benefit.

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