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How To Face The C RING Rust Problem
- Jun 22, 2017 -

How to face the C RING rust problem
  C RING is the name of its main raw material is iron products, we all know that iron items in the air, especially in the humid air easily rust, so the face of the C RING is easy to rust phenomenon, we have studied to produce a plating Zinc C RING, in the rust-proof durability has been effectively improved. But in the face of the rust, we can make the following solutions. Commonly used rust corrosion can be divided into two categories, physical methods and chemical methods, galvanized C RING manufacturers for your specific description of the rust method.
    Physical methods are mainly artificial rust and mechanical rust, chemical rust is generally used pickling method, the actual application, usually according to the workpiece surface corrosion and different post-treatment process, choose a different method of derusting, which Pickling rust cleaning is more commonly used, that is, with iron oxide or rust steel parts in the acid solution in the erosion, mainly to remove the appearance of steel oxide or corrosion layer.
    Then in the C RING processing process, what will happen, easily lead to C RING rust it? C RINGs generally cause the main reasons for the following
    First of all when the metal mesh in the steel mesh network when some dust, this time we can use some water or alkaline solution cleaning;
    Followed by floating iron or embedded iron, iron will rust, connected to the stainless steel plate net iron will rust, so these iron must be handled, we can use carbon steel wire brush can also be used to process carbon steel.
    And then scratches, the emergence of scratches, mainly in the production process, the need for some stubborn iron scratch stainless steel plate net special polishing machine.
To carry out the use of the latest order and heat treatment database, C RING computer simulation simulation skills and control skills, the use of highly flexible, intelligent integrated control and control system in the industrial furnace and its production line. The future equipment operator only need to be the number of parts to be processed, the pattern into the computer, the entire set of equipment will be disposed of high-quality products.

    The current system has been completed in a timely manner multi-project operation control. C RING, such as control the amount of loading, speed, temperature, carbon potential, etc., can be completed more than one group control system, full-screen custody and control of batch feed dynamic. Can complete the order of control, can store a number of processes. C RING can fully record the equipment operating conditions detected in the process parameters (part number, data, temperature, atmosphere, etc.), sent to the computer for disposal and storage records. Can be read and printed at any time.
Quenching tank control: C RING in the overall hardness of the workpiece and reduce the deformation of parts from the past to reduce the cooling rate of pure to the efforts to improve the average cooling, C RING quenching tank to add adjustable speed strong mixer, pay attention to quenching tank flow field , Emphasizing the average temperature of the quenching tank. Quenching tank temperature controllable. Computer cooling media function detector is a lot of users bear.

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