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How To Improve The Efficiency Of Wedm Machine Tool
- Jan 22, 2017 -

Wedm cutting efficiency under the influence of two factors, one is the wire EDM cutting wire ampacity (current). Ablation in the second slot is not removed in a timely manner, without wiping out the ablation has a role in conducting, will consume part of the pulse energy.

So we recommended two main causes of affecting the efficiency of cutting, improved speed wedm will be accordingly in the following improvements:

1, increase the energy of a single pulse, amplitude and peak current is pulsed, the molybdenum wire ampacity is not overburdened, you should turn the pulse interval, the current average is not too much.

2, keep the cutting fluid dielectric constant and dielectric strength, high sparks of explosive power and cleaning capability, to minimize the short circuit to pulse effect of ablation.

3, wire cutting wire guide wire system mechanical precision, narrow slotted walk fast, straight line sewing walk fast.

4, to suitably increase the wire speed to slot into the water faster, increase of water, erosion more effectively discharged.

5, increasing water in cracks on the envelope of, namely the water in the drive spins up, spins up water on the cleaning effect of the gap is strong.

6, improving conversion tracking sensitivity, increase the utilization ratio of pulse.

7, reduce wire motor reverse time, start faster, increasing effective machining time.

By above improved, put cutting efficiency for must of improve also is has effect of, but is has limitations of, because, high frequency power discharge way and control and no change, now Jerry mechanical, after years of development, first high frequency power real-time feedback and adjustment, makes in original cutting conditions Xia, processing efficiency has has quality of leap, real achieved processing efficiency 250~300mm2/min, while Mo silk loss greatly reduced, reached 400,000 square loss 0.01mm of new height.

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