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How To Prevent Clinch Clips From Corrosion?
- Sep 19, 2017 -

How to prevent Clinch Clips from corrosion?
Clinch Clips surface corrosion treatment refers to the use of various methods in the metal surface of the protective layer, the effect is to metal and corrosive environment barrier to prevent the occurrence of corrosion process, or reduce corrosive media and metal surface touch, and arrived The intention to prevent or mitigate corrosion.
Clinch Clips is made of metal, and metal corrosion methods are mainly four aspects, that is, the nature of the material itself, the use of the environment, the interface between the material and the environment and the improvement of metal structure planning, if the use of good corrosion-resistant alloy to produce Clinch Clips , Unless there is a special need, otherwise in the economic concept is not practical, or the surface of the Clinch Clips will occur in the environmental elements of the barrier, in practice is not necessarily feasible, it may be very difficult. The improvement of the metal structure plan can improve the impact of the particular situation in some cases, but most of the Clinch Clips plans can not be adequately amended and their protection is not permanent, so this method can not basically deal with the problem, as long as the interface Corrosion, that is, surface corrosion treatment is now the most widely used method.
  Clinch Clips industry has entered a great opportunity for the past 20 years, this stage of China's wall panels Clinch Clips plant has roughly such a number of characteristics:
    First, now more emphasis on technological innovation results in the wall Clinch Clips plant practice, including our establishment of innovative systems, but also to enable more enterprises to develop, use independent intellectual property rights, so that the wall Clinch Clips plant in the new technology, New results, the use of new products in the further ideological liberation, scientific development.
    Second, a large number of wall panels Clinch Clips plant after two or three decades of development, has been from the extensive, into a new stage of development, this stage of development makes more wall Clinch Clips plant more emphasis on energy conservation, pay more attention to Environmental awareness, to the new period, the majority of wall panels Clinch Clips plant to enhance their management quality, can more adapt to social needs for development.
    Third, a large number of wall panels Clinch Clips plant has begun to move towards a new stage of development, this new feature so that we must continue with the international market, in the economic globalization, the development of characteristics, to jump out of their original area, pay more attention to the international Market, and the background of international economic development combined.
    Fourth, the wall Clinch Clips plant to further reflect the characteristics of social returns, in the development of a harmonious society to make their own contribution. With the development of the Clinch Clips plant, the new Clinch Clips plant, which has a new technological content and has its own advantages, is increasingly showing its own development and its strength is gradually improving. In improving their own development strength at the same time, also pay attention to the harmonious society, and further make their due contribution. Such as: to be able to improve the treatment of employees, to enable internal management, the whole society to create a good atmosphere of harmony. In recent years, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the relevant departments are also actively advocating the selection of advanced non-public economic activities in recognition of activities so that these people can play a more prominent contribution and role in the construction of a socialist harmonious society.
 Due to different product specifications and enterprises have different characteristics, the domestic wall panels Clinch Clips plant according to their actual situation to choose a different export model:
    Mode 1: Export through joint venture partners
    Initially raising the technology, the introduction of funds, is the main reason why many wall panels Clinch Clips chose the joint venture. With the multinational company's wallboard Clinch Clips plant to enter, in order to expand the domestic domestic enterprises overseas market, some wall panels Clinch Clips plant overseas sales channels as an important factor in the joint venture. Some wall panels Clinch Clips plant and foreign capital background multinational companies to establish a joint venture, only one purpose, to find a partner with overseas sales channels, take the road of internationalization.
    Mode 2: supporting the whole vehicle export enterprises
    In recent years, with China's own brand machine, the increase in vehicle exports, for their own brand machine, vehicle supporting the wall Clinch Clips plant to catch the "ride", which seems to be relatively easy Export mode. In this case, the Clinch Clips plant needs to establish a close strategic partnership with the whole machine and the vehicle company, and fully understand the overseas market before supporting the export, which is a concern that many wall panels Clinch Clips must pay attention to.

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