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How To Reduce The Wear Of The M45 Series Clinch Clips
- Jul 06, 2017 -

How to reduce the wear of the M45 Series Clinch Clips

M45 Series Clinch Clips series mainly metal chain link into a sling, as the growth of the use fixed number of year and the number of frequent, M45 series clamps hold the wear degree is more and more serious, you may need to be rejected after wear and tear to some degree.

1. The clamping degree of the M45 Series Clinch Clips should be suitable, should not be too loose or too tight, too tight to increase the power consumption, the bearing is easy to wear, too loose and easy to jump chain.

2. The new M45 Series Clinch Clips can not be used in the old M45 series clamps, so as to avoid pulling the M45 Series Clinch Clips in use.

3. Use proper lubricating oil to improve work efficiency and reduce wear.

4. The length of the M45 Series Clinch Clips shall be adjusted according to the lifting height of the weight, which shall not be overused.

1. "1 + 1 = 2" : a steel rope can lift up to 5 tons and two wire rope can lift 10 tons, which is very incorrect. As the Angle of the plumb line becomes larger, the force of the rope will increase greatly.

2, wire rope, the M45 series clip clip is safe: some employees think of steel wire rope and M45 series clamps hold safety coefficient is very high, generally will not overload, even if the overload when the wire rope fracture have symptoms, but it is the premise of the sling is in good condition. In practical use are often different degree of wear sling, if wear condole with may in hoisting load rating can suddenly rupture, under the condition of the damaged wire rope will be no signs of fracture, so check often discarded in a timely manner.

3. The nominal tonnage of the single plate lifting pliers is one load, and the two should be twice as much, which is not quite right. Since the single-plate lifting clamps are used in pairs, the nominal tonnage of the products of most manufacturers is a pair of load, with the exception of a few manufacturers, so we should check the instructions carefully before use.

Hoisting with many species, including M45 series clamp entrainment because of its advantage was deeply loved by people, such as jiangsu citic production series of large tonnage M45 Series Clinch Clips entrainment, annular M45 series clamp entrainment, and other products have been sell well. What are the advantages of the M45 Series Clinch Clips in comparison with other types of sling straps? Today, jiangsu citic has summed up the three points.

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The M45 series clip can provide a wide, smooth bearing surface, especially for the soft objects of the suspension, and the damage to the suspension of the smoothing agent is minimal.

2. The M45 series clip has a higher security coefficient, which can be used as the lifting belt of the safety factor of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 times, and can be used to distinguish the bearing capacity by color, which is more convenient.

3. The M45 series clip is economical to use, saving cost while improving your work efficiency, and can constantly change the point of power and effectively protect the suspended objects.

With these three advantages, the M45 Series Clinch Clips band plays an important role in the port, chemical, steel, machinery and other industries. As a professional hoisting belt manufacturer, jiangsu citic has been working to improve the performance of all kinds of hoisting belts. The quality products have received many favorable comments and welcomed the new and old customers to choose from.

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