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How To Remove The Clinch Clips
- Jul 14, 2018 -

To remove the Clinch Clips, the rivet cap must be removed, the rivet cap removed and the rivet washed out with a punch.

Remove the rivet cap, there is a clock method, if the rivet on the iron plate is a core pulling aluminum rivet, the drill can be drilled directly with the electric drill, and there is no need to punch it. The diameter of the drill bit selected is the same as that of the rivet rod.

If it is an iron rivet, there are not many rivets. If the rivet cap is removed by the fitter chisel, the rivet will be washed out with a punch. The rivet cap can also be worn off by the angle mill.

If a large number of rivets have to be removed, they will be removed by electric hammer. The carbide hammer is mounted on the electric hammer (the chisel is to be sharpened). Caution: too big rivets are not suitable for demolition with electric hammers.

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