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How To Solve The Oil Pollution Of The Precision M45 Series Clinch Clips
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Precision M45 Series Clinch Clips cleaning agents can be classified according to their chemical properties. The choice of emulsifying cleaning agent usually depends on the effectiveness of the next step, and the oil film containing the rust inhibitor can be retained on the precision M45 Series Clinch Clips. Alkaline cleaning agents are used to remove corrosive soils, and the quenched oil after heat treatment is considered to be effective.
1, soluble emulsion cleaning agent
Soluble emulsifiers usually contain soil, solvent, emulsifier, builder, corrosion inhibitor and a small amount of water. The effect of water is to dissolve the emulsifier, the cleaning agent can dissolve the precision M45 Series Clinch Clips surface dirt, but also in the surface left rust-proof film. The emulsifiers and detergents of the M45 Series Clinch Clips can hold the grease particles and dissolve them into a cleaning agent containing solvents and oils. Emulsifying cleaning agent is a concentrated pure oil product, it will be diluted in water after the white emulsion liquid.
2, synthetic cleaning agent
Synthetic cleaning agent and the standard alkaline cleaning agent is different, the difference is that the chemical composition, but also an alkaline cleaning agent. The standard alkaline cleaning agent is substantially inorganic and the M45 Series Clinch Clips is an organic agent containing an amine-based substance. These products are designed to remove alkaline residues in single-stage cleaning, and are also better rust inhibitors. Synthetic cleaning agents are used for moderate difficulty cleaning, such as cleaning the hardened M45 Series Clinch Clips surface of the quenched oil or quenched polymer solution.
3, alkaline cleaning agent
M45 Series Clinch Clips Alkaline cleaning agents are prepared by mixing the builder and the alkaline earth metal salt of the surfactant as one of the most widely used cleaning agents. The starting point for adding each salt and surfactant is primarily to ensure the cleaning effect, followed by the economy. Require cleaning agent PH value of 7 or so. The cleaning components of such cleaning agents are hydroxides, silicates, carbonates, phosphates, borates and organic compounds.
M45 Series Clinch Clips Hydroxides provide the highest degree of alkalinity, are relatively inexpensive and add enough to have sufficient alkalinity and conductivity, which is important for electrolytic cleaning and saponification. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to rinse, dirty non-saponification washing effect is poor. The pH of the solution at 1% concentration is 1.3. Alkaline cleaning solution can be used sodium salt, can also be used potassium, mainly used for steel alloy M45 Series Clinch Clips cleaning.
4, acid cleaning agent
For the removal of fine M45 Series Clinch Clips on the general dirt with acid cleaning agent is not an effective method, usually with alkaline cleaning agent. It is very effective to clean the acid and other special attachments with acid. The most famous process is acid leaching. In addition to rolling, welding and heat treatment of the oxide layer, the surface oxide, rust and corrosion products that affect the quality of the plating or oil seal, and the water stains are available for acid removal. Commonly used are sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and citric acid, acetic acid and other organic acids. For the high strength precision M45 Series Clinch Clips heat treatment before the phosphating film, the main use of the first three kinds of cleaning process, but should prevent the erosion of hydrogen. Acidic agents should contain base acids and corrosion inhibitors that prevent erosion of the surface of the precision M45 Series Clinch Clips, as well as surfactants that improve the scavenging ability.
5, detergent
Decontamination M45 Series Clinch Clips cleaning agents mainly contain solvents, surfactants and water. Different from the emulsion cleaning agent, is pure solution, not emulsified

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