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Industrial Nails, Also Called Yard Nails?
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Industrial nails, also called yard nails?

The staple is made of galvanized iron wire, and similar types of staples, typically with a J prefix that. Pneumatic gun nail is a kind of, mainly used in engineering, home decoration, furniture manufacturing, packaging, leather, footwear, handicrafts and other industries.

The 4J series are: 410J, 413J, 416J, 419J, 422J

For example: 422J, the first number 4 on behalf of the nail behind the shoulder width, two the number of representatives of the 22 nail length.

The 10J series are: 1003J, 1004J, 1005J, 1006J, 1008J, 1010J, 1013J, 1016J, 1019J, 1022J.

For example: 1010J, digital two representing 10 nails two behind the shoulder width, the number of representatives of the 10 nail length.

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