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Introduce The Storage Requirements For The Clinch Clips
- Jun 14, 2017 -

Introduce the storage requirements for the Clinch Clips

Cassette in accordance with the processing method is not the same, can be divided into hot stuck and cold Clinch Clips, Clinch Clips is more significant feature is the strong anti-corrosion performance, but in the daily life or the folder to save the extra Note that it is not free to place the task can be completed, and today together and the folder manufacturers to a simple understanding of the folder to save the requirements of it.

      The Clinch Clips has a good toughness and elasticity, zinc can reach 300 grams / square meter. With a thick galvanized layer, strong corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Catch products are widely used in construction, handicrafts, the preparation of screen, the production of galvanized chain link fence, wiping the wall, highway fence, product packaging and daily civilian and other fields. Generally due to the weather is wet, more precipitation reasons, binding card folder network prone to oxidation of rust, so we should be better storage and use of the folder, try to avoid the occurrence of rust. On the surface of the folder, the galvanized layer is covered with a layer of galvanized layer. If the thickness of the galvanized layer is too high, it will not meet the environmental standard of SGS. However, if it is too thin, it will easily oxidize with water molecules and rust.

      The environment for the preservation of the folder is actually a great impact, in the rainy season we need to pay attention to the workshop, warehouse and other departments of the air humidity, it is recommended to use the thermometer, the general book of the moisture absorption to be more large, And the PH value is relatively high, it is necessary to pay attention to the stapler inside the folder Clinch Clips rust, the general situation in the normal environment to save the folder, save two years will not happen when the folder was corroded, but need Note that the handling of the card holder must be gently to avoid the package coil to take place to lead to smooth line will affect the normal production work.

Physical methods are mainly artificial rust and mechanical rust, chemical rust is generally used pickling method, the actual application, usually according to the workpiece surface corrosion and different post-treatment process, choose a different method of rust, which Pickling rust cleaning is more commonly used, that is, with iron oxide or rust steel parts in the acid solution in the erosion, mainly to remove the appearance of steel oxide or corrosion layer.

      Then the process of processing in the folder, what will happen, easily lead to rusty Clinch Clips it? Generally cause the reasons for the rust of the main folder are the following:

      1, earlier in the wire mesh which appeared in some of the dust when the steel, this time we can still use some water or alkaline solution cleaning;

      2, floating iron or embedded iron, iron will rust, connected to the stainless steel plate net iron will rust, so these iron must be processed, we can use carbon steel wire brush can also be used to process carbon steel Wait;

      3, followed by scratches, the emergence of scratches, the main thing is in the production process which is the need for some stubborn iron scratch stainless steel plate net dedicated polishing machine.

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