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It Needs To Be Carefully Loved To Make It Healthier Clinch Clips
- Aug 08, 2017 -

It needs to be carefully loved to make it healthier Clinch Clips

For quick Clinch Clips use, there is a way to learn how to use it. Let's take a look at the benefits he USES and how they are maintained.

Method to maintain cross clamp:

1. The use of anti-rust oil should be applied to prevent rust, which can also prolong the service life of the cross clamp.

2. Check the limit size before use to keep the correct position of the cross clip, if not, adjust to the correct position.

3. If the retaining wear exceeds the range, it can be sanded to repair; If the baffle, bolt, and positioning cone pin is worn seriously and beyond the allowable error range, it can be reassembled and used again after the worn parts are staggered, in case of error.

Benefits of using the Clinch Clips:

1. Use the Clinch Clips holder to ensure and stabilize the machining accuracy to ensure the quality of the products being processed. Machining process, the proper use of the Clinch Clips holder, can guarantee the relative position of workpiece and tool properly fixed, and is not influenced by various subjective factors, so that the processing of the workpiece machining accuracy is. In this article, I will share with you the concept and application of the treatment tools. In the process of use, the Clinch Clips can shorten the auxiliary time and improve labor productivity. Use Clinch Clips holder generally includes two processes: one is the Clinch Clips holder itself on the machine installation and adjustment, the process is mainly rely on the Clinch Clips holder's own directional keys, to the knife block to quickly implement, or by looking for positive, try cutting method to implement, but slower; The second is the installation process of the machined workpiece in the Clinch Clips. This process is made by using a special positioning device for the production of the Clinch Clips from the haiyuan Clinch Clips manufacturing co., LTD.

The fast clip is designed according to the mechanical principle of the double rocker mechanism in the planar four-bar mechanism. The basic structure is composed of the connecting rod, frame and two connecting rod.

When the connecting rod and the connecting rod of the connecting rod are connected with the hinge point of the frame, the mechanism is in a dead position when the three points are in a straight line. At this point, the pressed workpiece, no matter how much force (except destructive force), can not release the head, which is the principle of the dead point clamping in mechanical mechanics.

In order to avoid in use, due to external load change and the influence of mechanical vibration, the design, will be the middle articulated point, slightly more other two hinged point of attachment of the medial, to ensure that under the condition of the maximum central force, always keep the Clinch Clips holder institutions lock in stable state and not loose.

The Clinch Clips mould structure and design manufacturing require (1) the inside of the refrigerator door is surrounded by a hinge - type inverted structure, and the central bulge part adopts the core mechanism of the cylinder back shrinkage. (2) the mould heating, cooling water circulation is adopted for the heating, cooling, mold inner channel uniform system configuration is reasonable, ensure uniform mold temperature of heating and cooling, avoid the uneven temperature of local stress concentration and influence product quality, pipe using copper pipe integrally casting, mould heating up time is not more than 30 minutes, mold temperature about 80 ℃, the water pressure is not less than 0.4 Mpa. No leakage of mould heating, cooling system and pneumatic system; (3) the mould vacuum hole is evenly distributed, and the pore diameter is between 0.5 ~ phi 0.8mm and the hole spacing between 30 ~ 50mm and the shape of the hole is small. The large plane vacuum hole adopts imported air plug. (4) the relevant parts of the mould shall be set with sealing strip, Clinch Clips sealing material as silica sponge or silicone rubber; (5) the base and upper pressure frame shall be welded together. The base shall be sealed inside, and the auxiliary pressing mould shall be installed on the upper pressure frame to facilitate the forming of the door seal groove.

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