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Matters Needing Attention In Processing Operation Of Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.)
- Jul 06, 2017 -

Matters needing attention in processing operation of Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) 

A nail, Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) processing before work to check if moving parts filling the oil, then start and check the clutch and brake is normal, and the machine idle running 1-3 minutes, mechanical failure operation is strictly prohibited.

2. All employees shall check whether their clothes are in line with the job requirements before they enter the workplace and prepare for the parts processing. Wear slippers, high heels, and clothes that affect safety. Wear hard hats for long hair. Maintain proper posture at work, and have adequate mental work. If you find that you are not fit, leave your job immediately and report to the leader. The operation must be focused, strictly forbidden to chat and cooperate with each other, and the operator should not operate in the irritability and fatigue, so as to avoid accidents and ensure the safety of operation.

3. After all other personnel must leave the mechanical work area and remove the debris from the work platform, the power supply can be started to start the machine and process safely.

When leaving work, should turn off the power supply, and organize the finished product, side material and sundries, etc., ensure the working environment is clean and safe.

After five, machine, by one person and mechanical operation, others may not push in turbine or stamped on the pedal switch board, more can't put hand in mechanical workspace or hand touches mechanical moving parts. When working in machinery, it is forbidden to extend the hand into the working area. A standard tool must be used to remove and release the workpiece in the die. If the machine has abnormal sound or machine failure, turn off the power switch immediately to check.

6. When replacing the Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.), the power supply should be turned off first, and the machine can only start to install and debug the Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) after the machine has stopped working. After installation and adjustment, use hand to move the flywheel test twice, check whether the upper and lower Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) is symmetrical, reasonable, whether the screws are strong, and the edge ring is in a reasonable position.

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions have intensified

Modern merger and acquisition no longer blindly emphasize confrontation competition, strong and strong joint establishment enterprises to gain the competitive advantage of the main means. At this time, the precision silk nail (19-23 GA) manufacturing industry in the process of the globalization of the major companies seeking to survive the development of a major feature. And saturated markets. Increasingly fierce market competition. The increased risk of investment has also led more companies to adopt joint mergers and acquisitions. Under the premise of building a factory, optimize the enterprise product structure to achieve the aim of increasing production capacity, expanding market share and obtaining scale benefit. The high-tech industry comes from the threat of technological innovation, which brings multinational companies together to form a strong technological innovation capability. The strategic acquisition between large enterprises in the machinery manufacturing industry resulted in the reconfiguration of industrial resources of Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.). The competition pattern of the world machinery industry has emerged.

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