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Nail Gun Manufacturers Give You Up. Are You Ready?
- Feb 16, 2018 -

The stud is a part that is riveted in riveting and is used to connect the riveted parts with their own deformation or interference. There are many kinds of studs, and they are not in formal form. Gun screw manufacturer

There are usually R gun pins, fan gun nails, spear gun pins (rifle gun nails), tree shaped gun studs, half round heads, flat head, half hollow gun nails, solid gun nails, sunk gun nails, core pulling gun nails and hollow gun studs. Generally less than 8 mm in size by more than the cold, hot riveting. But there are exceptions, such as the nameplate on the triple ring lock, which is riveted by the interference of the pin and the lock hole.

Fan nail

Specially designed for manual installation, it can be penetrates through the holes of paneling or underframe, and has good toughness with elastomeric material. Even when interference fit is installed, it can be installed quickly.

R type plastic gun nail

It is composed of two parts: the plastic nail and the mother buckle. The gun nail manufacturers do not need to install tools when installing, install the base on the smooth Kong Zhong, then press the head, the specially designed foot expands and opens after force, and is firmly locked on the installed surface.

Plastic tree gun nail

The flake shape good elastic energy can be directly installed manually in the circular hole with interference fit. The flake shape can be adjusted and fixed according to the actual thickness and size. The design of the reverse gear is that the gun nail is firmly installed on the mounting surface and is not easy to be pulled out after installation.

Core nail

Nail gun manufacturers is a new type of riveting fasteners very convenient riveting, hammer core gun in comparison in narrow space or not or cannot use the rivet riveter environment nail can show their own unique advantages! Two or several connected parts can be riveted successfully with a hammer and other utensils.

According to the core nail brim shape can be divided into flat head core striking nail gun and countersunk head hammer core nail gun, nail gun manufacturers according to different material combination, can be divided into aluminum core striking nail gun, aluminum steel hammer core nail gun, stainless steel hammer core nail gun, steel hammer core nail gun aluminum, stainless steel, plastic hammer hammer core nail gun core nail gun etc..

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