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Optimization Of Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) Performance
- Jul 17, 2017 -

Optimization of Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) performance

Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) manufacturers of products used in item has incomparable importance fixed, and its quality is very important, especially in the decoration method, so the factory production of fine wire nail in 19-23 (GA), will also take some methods to to some performance optimization.

Antirust processing is fine wire nail in 19-23 (GA) to optimize the processing key, using the principle of passivation, Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) thin film theory could help explain the passivation mechanism, its role in a membrane into separate phase on the metal surface, usually is oxygen and metal compounds, it plays the role of the metal with the corrosive medium completely separated, prevent metal direct contact with corrosive medium, so that the basic stop dissolved metal forming passivity, reach the role of anti-corrosion, such fine wire nail 19-23 (GA) is hard to rust, and the quality will also be increased accordingly.

Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) manufacturer of the product after the optimization, not only can ensure the fine wire nail 19-23 (GA) can prolong the quality of the Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) service life and so on all aspects of the application is more popular.

In life there are many areas can use fine wire nail 19-23 (GA), so the Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) factory production also requires more and more strict now, before is not up to standard, more and more with the increase of rate of return, Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) also calls for increased production line.

Learned, Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) production is not a dragon production line, need how many money to see how many you need daily output, Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) specifications, quality standards, Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) production equipment is needed to separate, there are a few steps from the wire rod raw materials to the finished product, wire drawing machine with single head and long, nail machines, different production of Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) prices are different specifications for Shanghai wing good price is more expensive than wuxi several thousand to more than ten thousand it depends on what you want model, had better consult factory.

Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) manufacturer of polishing machine to watch factory factory but can small a polishing best don't more than a tonne, transformer capacity according to how much you machine equipped with, so as to achieve better Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) application effect.

Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) manufacturer products use is fixed for items, more when we are in the use of fine wire nail 19-23 (GA) to connect the wood fixed, often think of the corrosive problems, what reason be strengthened the fine wire nail the corrosion problems in application of 19-23 (GA)?

It is understood that the corrosion of the Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) mainly occurs in the Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) connecting the surface of the wood structure. When the moisture content of wood is more than 18%, the corrosion effect of the Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) is less than 11%, and it is the safe value. When water content is close to saturation, timber within the free space is small, there is less oxygen, corrosion effect it slowly, so manufacturers in Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) production will fine nail to 19-23 (GA) for galvanized processing, is to isolate oxygen of Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) oxidation.

Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) manufacturers said fine wire nail corrosion effect of 19-23 (GA) is often accompanied by peripheral decomposition of wood, so is catalytic degradation of the wood, wood accelerated the reproduction of fungi, thus corrosion wood, so is used for wood nail fixed fine silk (19-23 GA) best choice galvanized processing of fine silk 19-23 (GA).

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