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Process And Role Of Wedm Machine Tool
- Jan 22, 2017 -

Known as wire cutting machine tool wire mouth up and down which have installed gems Guide, played a key role in the progress and accuracy. Due to the wire machine tool wire speed is very slow, and information for the copper, low hardness, wire less wear on the Guide, also due to copper stress is very small, straight, so wire artificial (or automatic) through the guide easily.

Wire cutting machine is different, because of electrode wire for molybdenum wire, its hardness and stress are far larger than copper wire. When observed under a microscope when molybdenum, molybdenum wire appearance has a lot of "JI tumors" when MO high speed operation of the guide vane is no different from "the wire saw." Very large compared with the slow wear on the Guide, and guide the device difficult to guide hole coincides with the leading molybdenum wire between the wheel up and down. This not only accelerates the wear of the Guide, and directly affect the molybdenum wire cutting position.

Mold processing position accuracy and the same parts of the difference EDM machine accuracy is very deadly. Plus, because of great internal stress of molybdenum wire, guide holes larger than only molybdenum wire diameter 0.01mm (or unguided), along with guide and molybdenum wire covered with liquid, so operators have to difficulty when molybdenum wires through the small hole is very large, this patience is a great test for the operator. From the ideal situation, most customers eventually abandoned the application guide, visible on wedm machine tool, guide wire progress not accuracy and brightness of key.

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