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Production Process And Control Of Clinch Clips
- Jun 14, 2017 -

Production Process and Control of Clinch Clips

Card clamp has a very good characteristics, and the application is very wide, wire galvanized can effectively prevent the wire rust, improve the performance of wire, extend the life of wire, then the manufacturers introduced the folder galvanized process.

1, before plating to eliminate the stress Where the maximum tensile strength greater than 1034Mpa key, important parts before plating should be 200 ± 10 ℃ to eliminate stress more than 1 hour, carburizing or surface hardening should be at 140 ± 10 ℃ to eliminate stress 5 hours the above.

2, cleaning the cleaning agent used should not affect the adhesion of the coating, the substrate without corrosion.

3, acid activated acid activating solution should be able to remove parts of the surface of the corrosion products, oxide film (skin), the substrate without corrosion.

4, galvanized zinc can be used Clinch Clips or zinc chloride and other processes, should use the appropriate additives to meet the standards required to meet the coating.

5, after the light plating should be light treatment.

6, passivation of hydrogen in addition to the parts should be in addition to hydrogen and then passivation, passivation before application of 1% H2SO4 or 1% hydrochloric acid activation 5 ~ 15s. Unless otherwise specified in the design drawings, passivation should be treated with chromic acid.

The wide application of the clip, for people's production and life has brought a very large convenience, but the wire production process is not to be underestimated in industrial production, to strictly control the production process of the clip to ensure the quality of the clip, Our factory professional card holder of the production business, the quality of the product is guaranteed.

The card is widely used in life, and also has a very good feature, a significant feature is not easy to rust, for people's lives and work has brought great convenience, followed by together with the Hui people screw To get a brief look at it

(3.8mm, 0.19mm) Plating: 8 # - 38 # (3.8mm-0.15mm) Plating: 8 # - 36 # (3.8mm, 0.19mm) Plating:

Production technology: through the excellent low carbon steel wire rod drawing molding, pickling rust, high temperature annealing, hot galvanizing. Cooling and other five processes from refining. Clip characteristics: good resistance and flexibility, corrosion resistance is relatively strong.

Usage: mainly used for communication devices, medical equipment and braid, brushes, cables, filters, high pressure pipe, construction, technical products and other professional electric folder: low carbon steel is the core line, through the wire drawing, electroplating technology Processing made of metal composite materials.

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