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Special Wire Guide Pulley How To Choose?
- Jan 22, 2017 -

Wire work in process, the wheel has played an important role. Stator is responsible for ensuring smooth smuggling operation of the system as a whole, to enable a smooth production. Thus, selection of special wire guide pulley in is very important. So how should the special wheel?

When choosing a special wheel must pay attention to quality issues, good quality worthy of our choice. Recommendations go to the store to buy brand-name products, so as to ensure the quality of products. Selected to control wheel should be consistent with light and flexible, easy to install conditions. Wheel Groove face must have sufficient hardness, which can enhance its ability to wear.

Install special wire guide pulley to also note that must be properly installed, or else it will affect device performance. Before installing cleaning again, bearing through matching to install manually after it has been installed, see if the operation is easy, flexible and unencumbered, if that's the case, then it has been installed successfully, should also pay attention to the process of using the maintenance of special wire wheels.

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