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Staples' Ascension Path - Quality To Brand
- Sep 08, 2017 -

Staples' ascension path - quality to brand
   Over the years, China's Staples in the continuous double-digit growth, 2012 Staples industry negative growth, down 1.5% or so, mainly due to lack of market demand, especially Staples in the international After the anti - dumping, export sales showed a downward trend. Advanced Staples is the high-end machinery manufacturing of the country, its role can be called "skillfully deflected." On the surface Staples production accounted for only a few percent of the machinery industry. In essence, it brings much to the added value of key components and equipment.
  Nearly 10 years, China's Staples to the world's attention to the pace of development in the developed countries were surprised at the same time, but also let them find a new large market, multinational companies filed into the fish. When the domestic Staples business suddenly felt that the survival of the market was so difficult, strong competitors have been blossom everywhere. In today's China Staples market, some small and medium-sized Staples business to create a large number of ordinary standard parts, and not really bring the core competitiveness of enterprises, but subject to raw materials, labor costs and other conditions change, from 4.8 to 6.8 grade low strength, or 8.8 to 12.9 high-strength Staples, China's Staples production technology will be basically close to the world's advanced level, mainly for ordinary standard parts and low, medium-grade special, Taipu Si, a large amount of cheap. Summary of low-grade products flooded the dominant market, high-grade, high-precision, high-intensity Staples has a small part of the import, product import price and export price ratio of about 6 times the gap, we can see China's Staples industry Still in the developing industry, "big but not strong", "fat and not strong", with the United States, Japan and South Korea, Taiwan, the gap between the larger, and the lack of technical services to solve the mechanical fastening program to achieve products, , Manufacturing and management of the digital, product and manufacturing process of green.
  According to the Chinese mold network to understand, the development of Staples in China by the resources and the environment more and more pressure to ease the constraints of resources is an important way to develop green manufacturing. Staples development, the next period of time will continue to move forward in the direction of brand management, to promote the development of Staples in all directions. In the product, the high-end products will accelerate the localization of quality research and development, from design, manufacture, packaging, transportation, use to the whole process of disposal, must consider the least waste, the lowest emissions, the highest utilization of resources and environmental impact The smallest, so as to optimize the efficiency of enterprises and social benefits; in circulation, to explore a variety of value-added services model for customers to bring value and benefits. From the provision of a single set of Staples to provide mechanical fastening program, customized services, remote monitoring, services in the Staples manufacturing enterprises in the proportion of sales will gradually increase.
On the previous year, China's Staples occupation industry is still not up to the economic environment, still face the money from the tight, macro-control, economic position, shopping malls need not busy, the international economic recovery is slow, trading maintenance is still prevalent and a series of difficulties , But the whole career in the spirit of the 18th inspired by the concerted efforts to accelerate the innovation and structural adjustment, the whole industry steady progress, adhere to a slight increase.
For more than a decade, Staples has changed dramatically. More than 95% of Staples has been transformed into joint-stock or private companies. The number of employees has increased, and the number of companies has increased by more than 4,000 companies. Commodity structure adjustment plus block, production capacity, Staples production value has accounted for the international first, the professional induction strength, as one of the international production of Staples, in the international shopping malls on the location of significant progress.

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