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Staples Is Often Problematic
- Aug 30, 2017 -

Staples is often problematic
Although Staples is a small part, but in the mechanical equipment is an indispensable part, also played a very important role. Therefore, customers in the use of our standard parts factory Staples, the need for regular maintenance, so as to ensure that Staples is more secure use, and can extend the life of Staples, improve the use of machinery and equipment performance.
When we are in the maintenance of Staples will mainly have the following three major issues:
 1, in the Staples for the quenching process, the use of silicate cleaning agent to clean up the above impurities, and then to carefully rinse, to avoid the above Staples in the residual impurities, affecting its normal application.
       2, Staples after the tempering treatment, it may change its color, in the Staples in the ether after a period of time, there will be oil-like material, such a situation that the Sri Lanka Tops is not clean enough. After the analysis, it will be found in the Staples when the stack is not very reasonable, Staples in the quenching oil which may have some small oxidation phenomenon.
      3, in the Staples above if there is a white matter, it is likely that some phosphide. The reason for this phenomenon is because there is no use of acid cleaning machine for cleaning, and yo ah check the rinse tank when not careful enough.
If these problems can not be dealt with in a timely manner, it will directly affect the performance of Staples, it may lead to the short life of Staples, resulting in Staples from the phenomenon of damage. Hope that the above three major issues can help you better use Staples.
Staples in the use of the process, sometimes the temperature is very high, high temperature Staples operation, it is easy to hurt the performance of Staples, or even some failure and so on. Such as Staples is an important connection for the extensive use of firepower power plant boilers, steam turbines and steam piping valves. In view of these aspects of the high temperature Staples, Changzhou City standard factory suggested that in use to take the following measures:
 1, the temperature stress: the unit in the start, run, due to the flange and Staples between the temperature difference (flange temperature than Staples high), and the two materials, the coefficient of linear expansion, the flange The amount of free thermal expansion is greater than that of Staples, and Staples is subjected to an additional tension, which is caused by stress in Staples.
2, the sealing stress: to ensure that the sealing of the connecting parts is a basic requirement of Staples connection. In the case of the geometry of the flange, the processing quality of the joint surface, the pressure of the steam and the temperature, the sealing stress is determined by the tightening force of Staples.
3, Staples hot tight: in the installation by the preload of Staples, when put into operation, under the action of the steam pressure, so that Staples force than the initial preload Increased, for the general level of the flange, Staples pull tightening force increased by 5% -15%, so that when the cold tension Staples initial stress can be lower than some. In order to achieve this initial stress requirement, it is sometimes impossible to tighten Staples to the desired extent in cold condition, and therefore, it is usually necessary to use a hot tight method.
The cleaning process prior to Staples' plating may lead to hydrogen attachment, resulting in brittle brittle brittleness after plating, so the Staples cleaning process is also very noticeable. Unless there is a special agreement, heat treatment or work hardening hardness greater than or equal to 320HV parts, should be used anti-corrosion acid, alkaline or mechanical method for cleaning. The time to invade the anticorrosive acid depends on the erosion of the steel and the attachment of hydrogen. The addition of a suitable anti-corrosive acid can reduce the erosion of steel and hydrogen adhesion. Heat treatment or cold hardening hardness of more than 385HV, or performance level 12.9 and above parts are not suitable for pickling treatment. The use of special acid-free methods for pretreatment is reasonable, such as dry grinding, sand blasting or alkaline rust. For electroplating, the Staples surface should be specially treated and cleaned by minimal intrusion time.

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