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Staples Production Need To Note
- Jul 27, 2017 -

Staples production need to note
Staples is actually a kind of snake pound, is a series of reinforced steel and other processing out of the Staples, mainly cold metal processing technology, because the strength of the product is relatively high, In the construction industry is often used, and its use can strengthen the quality of the building, in the production of cold-tipped in the process, need to pay attention to the following points, then we come together to find out about it
1, cold drawn stress control:
According to the different types of steel bars, in the cold drawing process, if you want to make the use of prestressed steel bars, it is necessary to carry out cold-drawn stress control, if a large cold-drawn rate exceeds the specified value, but also to a certain Mechanical energy experiment.
2, cold drawn rate measurement control:
If it is to control the cold drawn rate of cold drawn steel, then the control value to be determined by the relevant experimental value. Test test requirements of each batch of test specimens can not be less than four, and each specimen should be carried out according to the provisions of the corresponding cold tensile stress test to determine the cold drawing rate, **** take the average specimen As the actual cold draw rate of the batch of bars. In addition, if the rebar strength is high, the average cold draw rate of less than 1%, the cold drawn in the steel, still according to 1% of the cold rate control.
3, cold drawn speed control:
In the cold-drawn process, we have to make full deformation of steel, it is necessary to control the rate of cold-drawn, generally 0.5-1.0 is appropriate. And after the cold drawn to the specified stress and cold drawn rate, should immediately stop, and relax the steel, to the full deformation of the steel time.
Staples in the production process need to pay attention to a lot of things, but also very loud, today for everyone to introduce these bars, if you are interested in our introduction, welcome to us or to Xinxiang Hui Zhongnian to understand it.
Staples, as the name suggests is the main raw material is iron products, we all know that iron products in the air, especially in the more humid environment which is easier to rust, so the face of Staples easy Rusty situation, galvanized Staples is very important, you can rust in the durability of the above has been a very big upgrade.

      But in the face of the emergence of rust, the immediate solution is so important, we can also make the following solutions. Commonly used anti-rust anti-corrosion method can be divided into two categories, physical methods and chemical methods, galvanized Staples manufacturers today to come for your specific introduction, Staples anti-rust skills.
Physical methods are mainly artificial rust and mechanical rust, chemical rust is generally used pickling method, the actual application, usually according to the workpiece surface corrosion and different post-treatment process, choose a different method of rust, which Pickling rust cleaning is more commonly used, that is, with iron oxide or rust steel parts in the acid solution in the erosion, mainly to remove the appearance of steel oxide or corrosion layer.
      What happens when Staples is in the process and is likely to cause Staples to rust? Generally caused by Staples rust the main reasons are the following:
    1, earlier in the wire mesh which appeared in some of the dust when the steel, this time we can still use some water or alkaline solution cleaning;
      2, floating iron or embedded iron, iron will rust, connected to the stainless steel plate net iron will rust, so these iron must be processed, we can use carbon steel wire brush can also be used to process carbon steel Wait;
      3, followed by scratches, the emergence of scratches, the main thing is in the production process which is the need for some stubborn iron scratch stainless steel plate net dedicated polishing machine.

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