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Staples Surface Treatment Technology!
- Jun 22, 2017 -

Staples Surface Treatment Technology!
  In order to remove the surface film from the exterior of the sedimentary layer, the defects such as surface inclusions can be found and treated by conventional techniques. Excessive foams are due to the fact that soap and saponifiable fatty acids are brought into the bath Forming. Medium foam formation may be harmless. The presence of large particles in the bath of small particles of the same body, to stabilize the foam layer, but too much accumulation of solid particles will cause an explosion. Activated with activated charcoal to remove the surfactant. Or through the filter so that the foam is not stable, this is an effective measure; should also take other measures to minimize the amount of surface active substances into the smallest. The introduction of organic matter can significantly reduce the plating rate. Although the chemical formula is favorable for high deposition rates, the thickness of the coating can not meet the requirements after the organic matter is taken, so that the activated carbon can be used to treat the bath.
    Zinc is a silver-white metal, more brittle at room temperature, soluble in acid can also be soluble in alkali, known as amphoteric metal. Pure zinc is more stable in dry air. In humid air or water containing carbon dioxide and oxygen is small, the surface will produce a layer of basic zinc carbonate-based film layer, it can delay the corrosion rate of zinc layer. Galvanized layer in the acid, alkali, sodium chloride, the corrosion resistance of the water than the Qiang; in the atmosphere containing carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide and marine atmosphere is also not resistant to corrosion; in high temperature and humidity air and organic acids containing The atmosphere is small and the galvanized layer is also susceptible to corrosion.
    I plant production of fire wire is very widely used, because the annealed wire has a good flexibility and flexibility, can be in the process of annealing its soft and hard degree, made of high-quality wire, mainly used for construction industry bundled wire and tied The Thread No. 5 # -38 # (silk by 0.17-4.5mm) than ordinary black wire is more soft, more flexible, soft uniformity, consistent color.
 Galvanizing is one of the effective ways to prevent corrosion of steel wire. Galvanized in general there are two ways, one is Staples, the other is hot galvanized. The disadvantage of hot-dip galvanizing is that the strength loss is large. In the production of small-size wire rope, most of the choice of Staples as a wire rope raw material coating processing methods. The advantage of Staples is that the thickness of the wire coating is uniform and compact, and the mechanical properties of the wire before and after plating are small and can be adjusted according to the requirement. The disadvantage is that if the steel wire is cleaned before cleaning, the bonding force between the coating and the steel wire matrix Poor, prone to dezincification phenomenon. Therefore, galvanized steel wire zinc layer quality control is very important.

    Staples production process: pay line → pickling → washing → Staples → cold water wash → hot water wash → drying → line. Zinc sulfate salt plating, the concentration of zinc sulfate concentration of 400 ~ 600g / L, plating solution pH value of 2 to 4. Staples production process, the impact of galvanized quality is a key factor in the quality of steel wire before washing the cleanliness and quality of the plating solution, pH control and the size of the monofilament current. The quality of pickling directly affects the bonding strength between the coating and the matrix. The mass concentration of the plating solution directly determines the rate of ion addition in the solution after ion migration, and eliminates the concentration polarization.

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