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Staples Venues.
- May 26, 2017 -

Staples Staples Center, located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California, next to the L.A. Live Development Zone, located next to the Los Angeles Convention Center building on Figuja Street. March 31, 1998 began construction, October 17, 1999 officially opened, is a multi-purpose gymnasium, is also a major Los Angeles area one of the major sports facilities.

  The Staples Center is run by the Los Angeles Arena Company and the Anschurch Entertainment Group. The Staples Center hosts more than 250 events each year, with nearly 4 million visitors. It is the only NBA only two teams at the same time sharing the arena, but also the only one in North America at the same time there are two NBA, a NHL and a WNBA team as the home of the arena.

  Here is the rehearsal venue of the world pop music king Michael Jackson before the death of the concert.

  Staples In 1999 and 2000, Staples Center was awarded the title of "Best Arena of the Year" twice

  The Staples Sports Center is 94 feet (28.7 meters) wide and has a maximum measuring capacity of 200 feet (61.0 meters) with a total area of 950,000 square feet (88257.9 square meters) and a height of 150 feet (45.7 meters). The capacity of the venues will vary depending on the application. When used as a concert and boxing match can accommodate 20,000 people; when used as a basketball hall can accommodate up to about 19,000 people (NBA Los Angeles Lakers -18997, Los Angeles Clippers -19060; WNBA Los Angeles spark team -12974); When used as an ice hockey hall can accommodate 18118 people; when used as an indoor American football hall can accommodate 16096 people. The venue is 2/3 seats in the lower position of the arena, including 2,500 clubs using seats. The venue has nearly 300 deluxe boxes and 160 deluxe suites, of which 15 are top suites in the middle of the three floors of the stadium.

  Staples Center is designed in accordance with the modern basketball professional venues, the cost of 380 million US dollars, can accommodate nearly 20,000 spectators of the Staples Center has 12 entrance, three stands of any angle can be clearly See everything on the pitch, the top of the stadium hanging large TV screen has six sides, the game every wonderful picture can be slow and slow playback. The whole arena is divided into more than 400 blocks, there are nearly 200 channels access.

  Staples Center has a total of 1,200 TV monitors, $ 1.5 million sound system, 675 sound microphone and the value of $ 2 million lighting system. There are 55 open spaces and gymnasiums in the center; the center has 23 food and beverage outlets, an outdoor restaurant, where you can see the panoramic view of Los Angeles.

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