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Teach You To Use Paper To Fold The Lovely Folder
- May 26, 2017 -

Clinch Clips Teach you to use paper folding cute card to teach you to do a lovely card Oh ~ a piece of paper on OK;

  This approach is to visit the Han network to see, really simple, finish is also very beautiful;

  That is, can only put three cards, I only used to put the bus bus card.

  step 1:

  First find a favorite wrapping paper, cut into a long 65CM wide 12CM;

  Must be the length and width of Oh, because all the cards are the same specifications;

  The paper was too long and I took a corner

  Step 2:

  Clinch Clips In the left side of the rectangular paper volume 1CM, 7.5CM, 6CM, 6CM, 4.5CM;

  According to this fold fold 5 side.

  Step 3:

  Turn over is like that

  The following are the same as the "

  Teach you to use paper to fold the lovely folder

  Step 4:

  And then fold along the center line

  Step 5:

  Put the right side of the head into the left, complete

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