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The Analysis Of The Phenomenon That Staples Burns In Oxygen
- Jul 17, 2017 -

The analysis of the phenomenon that Staples burns in oxygen

Staples of the material we have to understand somewhat, it is in use of oxidation problems we have been trying to conquer the problem, according to the small make up knowledge, it burns in oxygen will appear the phenomenon of sparks, is this why?

Staples will be intense combustion in oxygen, emit a large amount of heat, sparks, producing black solid, and when the wire rusting, oxygen is not pure, too thick wire, such as combustion phenomenon may not be obvious or observed phenomenon. And most of Mars is due to the fact that the wire is burning in oxygen because it has some impurities inside it. When it burns, it can be seen as a carbon in the iron, and when it goes out, the surface of the carbon can be exposed to oxygen, producing a carbon dioxide gas that will be irradiated by the iron that surrounds it.

So material the use of Staples is very important, especially its material contains some chemical composition proportion, it puts forward higher requirements on manufacturers, raw material choose and buy, we are always improving, has been in progress, adhere to provide the best quality products for our customers.

Staples in the course of long-term use will be as time goes on, there will be some rusty phenomenon, this will affect the service life of it, so we are all in the production and application of our need to take some measures to prevent, we learn about the related information below.

Now in the market a lot of manufacturers are using weak acid herbicides, using soaking or spraying, daub, against rust degree to control and use of the method, this method can play a good rust, but also can be to our human body and environment impact is very small, in the market now scaling method is relatively popular in the gas phase anti-rust, in order to avoid rusting again you can choose to use a rust protection packaging materials.

Good anti-rust measures can better enable Staples to play its best role, and more information about it can be called to consult.

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The use of Staples we all strange, home to hang things, furniture production, fixed objects are needed, the application of it is everywhere, we often find that when using sometimes bending, etc., this is because at the time of use without mastering skills such as strength, we will follow below small make up use tricks to get to know it.

Staples is a staple in everyday life, and we use it often when we're fixing things. When choosing the Staples to use 2.5 times thicker than the workpiece long nails, in the weight of the two kinds of different artifacts of sufficient length to ensure that the nails, nail into material appropriate to maintain a point of view, convenient form dovetailed inclined nail combining with the situation, two things junction surface to ensure that USES two standard nails, to ensure both connected firmly.

Finally small make up here to suitcase everyone's attention in the nail into the higher hardness of workpiece to good drill hole at first, when the aperture is smaller than the diameter of the nail, such ability can ensure nails strong degree, otherwise easy to loosen.

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