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The Difference Between F Type Straight Nail And T Type Straight Nail
- Oct 04, 2018 -

F straight nails and T straight nails are all straight nails or different models. The length line is different.

Distinguish the type of straight nails:

Straight nails (type F): similar to ordinary nails. The specific type is described as F plus length, for example, F30 is a straight nail with a length of 30mm.

Straight nail type distinction


F pin type, such as F30 F25 F20 F15 F10, etc.

T nail type such as T50, T40, T38, T35, T32, T30, T25, T20.

Row nails are widely used in construction, decoration, furniture, packaging, decoration, sofa, leather shoes, leather goods and other industries, will replace the old fastening method of hammer into nails.

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