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The Difference Between Pin And Riding Nail
- Nov 17, 2017 -

The difference between pin and riding nail

Riding nails, also known as horse riding, book binding, a method of action, such as crossing the horse. Bo Benshu (including the cover 6 posts set below) after the cross on the rack, to wear pressure wire nail. Brief introduction of horse riding nail usually refers to "flat wire nail", and not to use the ready-made staples, the machine in the production process for a cut from a roll of metal line, put the nail into the paper, and on the other side of the paper will wire bending fixed. Process characteristics of books and periodicals part did not set but with synthetic books, the books cover after stitching together together, trimming. The horse riding nail filled with books finished, cover the front cover, bottom sealing parts and books pages all the same size and neat, and spine is narrow and rounded, and were exposed by stitching wire, so it cannot be printed. The advantages and disadvantages of the saddle nail binding cycle is short, the cost is low, but the binding fastness is poor, and the use of wire is difficult to penetrate the thicker paper pages. Therefore, books over 32 pages (64 sides) are not suitable for riding nails. The front page of the first post binding process in binding machine, the first on the chain; other post stacking in sequence on the cover, finally landed on top, and then nail; and then sent to the end part of the cutter binding machine, will set a good book cutting edge three into a book, to a conveyor belt binding tail, package delivery. Because the book has characteristics of complete thickness, finally cutting this side of the page (i.e. double mouth), because both sides of the saddle up together and flat pressing cutting edge, after the page and the middle page trimmed, appearance is the same size, but because the middle page is half of the book the thickness of outward extrusion, and take off, and measure the size of about, it is smaller than the cover. With this feature, in the production of black and white writing, which should be paid attention to.

The nail is one kind of pneumatic gun nail, which is mainly used in engineering, home decoration, furniture manufacturing, packaging, leather, shoes, crafts and other industries.

Model and description

4J series include: 410J, 413J, 416J, 419J, 422J

For example: 422J, the first number 4 on behalf of the nail behind the shoulder width, two the number of representatives of the 22 nail length.

10J series include: 1003J, 1004J, 1005J, 1006J, 1008J, 1010J, 1013J, 1016J, 1019J, 1022J.

For example: 1010J, digital two representing 10 nails two behind the shoulder width, the number of representatives of the 10 nail length.

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