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The Four Factors That Affect The Heat Treatment Of High Strength Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.)
- Nov 02, 2017 -

The four factors that affect the heat treatment of high strength Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.)
Many manufacturers, in the production of Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.), In order to ensure high-strength Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) Quality and reliability, will be high-strength Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.), But there are many factors that affect the effect of the high strength Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) Heat treatment process, which has the following factors:
First, the participants
Quality control is the process control, not just rely on a few people or several departments can do a good job. So, do the following:
(1) clear the responsibilities and authority of the staff, provides that employees in the exercise of the right to bear the responsibility to solve the problem.
(2) to plan the organization of job training, and important positions for qualification, thereby improving the operational skills and quality control skills.
Second, equipment tooling
(1) high-strength Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) Heat treatment of the production equipment more types of tooling, and sometimes also use some measuring instruments. Therefore, the operator is required to strictly abide by the operating instructions of the equipment tooling, civilized operation, the correct and reasonable maintenance.
(2) high-strength Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) Heat treatment equipment maintenance personnel to do the equipment routine maintenance and regular maintenance work, and timely improvement of equipment maintenance.
(3) strict implementation of the tooling station equipment management system, strict implementation of the measurement management system, according to the provisions of the measurement equipment calibration, maintenance and identification.
Third, Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) Material
As a result of the heat treatment process, the material after treatment, transport, inventory, due to some factors, there may be mixing, material, loss, corrosion, bumps and deformation phenomena, thus affecting Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA. ) The strength of the material. Therefore, in this regard to pay special attention to the work to be careful and careful, the material to do a good job testing, identification and storage.
In addition, in the heat treatment production, high-strength Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) Materials if found problems, as long as the timely process by the appropriate technology to repair, or can be a good solution.
Fourth, the process specification
Heat treatment production technology theory and practice are very strong, so have a suitable heat treatment process, but also a more complete operating practices, so as to control the quality of heat treatment. The heat treatment process should be based on the specific high-strength Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) Materials and related equipment tooling and the operator's operating skills to select the appropriate process parameters, which requires the heat treatment process personnel must be familiar with the production site, and constantly Through practice to confirm the perfect process, and to continue to improve.
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