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The Industrial Value Of Staples
- Aug 17, 2017 -

The industrial value of Staples

Staples from English the name of the Drywall Screw directly translated, its biggest feature is the horn head in appearance modelling, double fine teeth Staples and single coarse thread Staples, the difference is the biggest difference is that the former thread double thread, suitable for gypsum board with thickness less than 0.8 mm connection between metal keel, while the latter applies to gypsum board and wooden keel connection. The Staples

The Staples series is one of the most important categories in the whole fastener product line. The product is mainly used for the installation of various gypsum board, light partition wall and ceiling ceiling series.

The phosphating Staples is the most basic product line, while the blue and white zinc Staples is a supplement, and the appropriate range and purchase price of both are basically the same. It is slightly different that the black phosphatification has a certain lubrication, and the attack speed (the speed of the steel plate with the specified thickness is a quality assessment index) is slightly better; And the blue and white zinc is in the anti-rust effect the slight edge, and the product is shallow and shallow, not easy to be in paint adornment after color.

Blue and white zinc and yellow zinc have little difference in rust resistance, but only in the use of different habits or preferences.

The self-tapping is also used for the connection between thin metal plates. The thread with the common thread of the section, arc triangle thread surface also has high hardness, so in the connection, the screw can also attack by fitting the tap of the internal thread, forming a connection. The screw is characterized by low torque and high locking performance, better performance than ordinary Staples, and can be used in place of machine screws. The Staples

The wall plank is used for gypsum wallboard and other metal keel connections. The thread is double-headed thread, and the thread surface has a high hardness (greater than HRC53). It can be quickly screwed into the keel without making the prefabricated hole, thus forming a connection.

The difference between the drillers and the common Staples is that the common Staples is connected in two separate processes, including drilling holes and tapping (including fastening connections). While the drillers are connected, the two processes of drilling and tapping are completed once. It USES the drill bit in front of the screw to drill holes, then USES the screw to carry on the tapping (including fastening connection), saves the construction time and improves the construction efficiency.

The headstock and the hexagon head are suitable for the drill bit, and the hexagonal head Staples has the larger moment. The head and the inner hexagon are suitable for the case where the head is not allowed to be exposed. The semi - sunk stapes is suitable for occasions where the nailing head is allowed to appear slightly. Staples of the installation and grooving Staples need a glyph screw whorls, philips Staples need cross screw whorls, Allen floriated Staples need inner hexagon spanner, hex head Staples need stay wrench, ring spanner wrench, socket or live.

The head of Staples is a horn, usually black, with other colors, nails with threads, threads thick and thin, the surface quenched and phosphating, and galvanized. Staples is widely used in our daily production, and manufacturers are very fond of using Staples. Consumers also need to be careful about their purchases, so let's look at the characteristics of high quality Staples.

What is the best way to pick up a high quality Staples that meets the needs of consumers? First to choose the Staples product quality excellent, a professional manufacturer is the important guarantee of product quality, professional manufacturers, with more professional production technology and equipment, manufactured products, is through the relevant quality inspection department inspection, products that meet the national standards; Secondly, the product is more practical, and the high-quality Staples has a strong practicability. The product has a strong practical performance and can be applied to various industries to meet the requirements of different consumer groups. Then, high quality products at fair price, when you buy the Staples products, consumers are hoping to buy both practical and affordable goods, for a lot of consumers, to buy the real value of good product.

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