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The Play Of Gold Piece Embroidery
- Oct 28, 2017 -

The play of gold piece embroidery

Sequin embroidery is a kind of new technology, according to the installation position and the number of gold film device is different, can have single piece of gold, gold, gold or double bright piece, left right, left double single Sanjinpian double right double four gold tablets in five different forms. There are three kinds of embroidery methods: gold sheet, gold sheet, and double chip. Therefore, so many embroidery methods can meet the various needs of users.

Basic gold piece embroidery operation

Embroidered Sequin embroidery format with the general.

Speed control of gold piece embroidery

The piece of gold in the flower version encountered embroidery embroidery code, speed varies according to the parameter setting of different transmission mode skipping ". The skipping transmission mode is set to a fixed parameter in embroidery, Sequin embroidery faster than low speed high speed 50 rpm embroidery, such as the minimum speed is set to 500, then the gold embroidery speed up to 550 rpm; skipping transmission mode parameter set for automatic embroidery, Sequin embroidery embroidery speed at the highest speed, such as the highest the speed is set to 800, in the case without skipping, Sequin speeds up to 800 rpm. In addition, the maximum speed of gold embroidery should be determined according to the size of gold pieces.

The embroidery operation of gold piece embroidery

According to the control system of gold embroidery, it can be divided into two forms: single head drive and centralized drive. Under the single head driving system, the embroidery can be done, but under the centralized driving system, the embroidery can not be used.

Drive in a single head mode, use mending function, reversing all head rises, such as reversing to disconnection embroidery, embroidery needle bar will fall into the embroidery, to break point parking when all head rises again all drop head into the normal embroidery.

How to choose a way out

By changing the choice of colour codes gold, laminated, without changing the printing system can realize the monolithic, laminated embroidery, really convenient and practical.

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