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The Rust Of Industrial Nails Is Not Necessary To Be Replaced Directly
- Feb 16, 2018 -

n the building decoration and industrial production, the nails of the common fasteners that we can think of are the industrial nails. However, in many cases, due to the long-term exposure of industrial nails in the air, it is unavoidable that a relatively common problem of nail rusting occurs. In the face of this problem, many people would want to replace the industrial nails directly, because the rusty nails let them have no sense of security. In fact, even if it is a rusty Industrial nail, we also have a way to restore the new "fighting power".

Industrial nails are rusted by industrial nails, and we can solve them according to the following steps:

1. A rusty industrial pin can not be wrenches with a wrench, which may damage the wrench, and the second code nail will slip.

Two, for the rust of the industrial code nail can use the hammer down the direction of the code nail around the direction, so that the nut loosened.

Three, if the industrial code nail has been eroded severely, and the use of these two methods has no effect, you can use the gas heating code nail, the nut is in complete barbecue state, the principle of this method is the application of the thermal expansion and contraction, when the screw rod and the screw cold thermal expansion, contraction, resulting in two the connecting part of the gap so as to remove code nail.

Thus, even if the Industrial nail is rusty, we have a way to solve it easily, and do not need to change the new industrial nail. If you have any industrial nail problems cannot be solved, we can contact the south.

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